Well - After leaving the knitting needles behind...

One more post about flying and knitting at the same time! I read that if you think they may be taken away from you, take a padded postage paid, self addressed envelope to TSA with you in case they say you cannot take them, drop out of line and mail them to yourself...sounds like a lot of trouble for a hobby to me.
I did leave my knitting needles behind because I read something about if they are pointed - and metal, they may be taken away by the TSA. So I flew to Arkansas from Arizona without them, read a book instead.
THEN!!!! I was changing flights in Dallas/Ft Worth, and sat down right beside a lady who was knitting ... at the gate!! Knitting needles in her carry on. We had a good laugh, and I'm going shopping for the needles I need to finish this project. So far I'm not on anyone's terrorist list because I knit. I really do respect the efforts the gov has made to protect Joe Citizen, it's just an inconvenience that bothers me, but I really enjoyed my book today - Atlas Shrugged - good read.


mattresses said...

Is that rules fixed for all kind of airways? They should consider the knitter.

M-I-L said...

The rules are written but subject to change based on what TSA agent you get. But you really don't want to question the TSA agent because it will hold up the whole line and they will still take your needles, so they said to have a self addressed stamped envelope or box with you to put the needles in to send them home, drop out of line send them home and go back through the line. I left them at home. Didn't have a lot of knitting time anyway.

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