While I was away.

I've been trying to document all my knitting over the last few years, and writing some book reviews.  One goal I have still, is to write patterns for my knit felt handbags.

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YEP, This sewing kit was Army issue - wouldn't happen today.

I believe I had one of these, or if I didn't I certainly needed it.  Pretty much every evening when my hubby was in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) with the US Army, he came home more than once a week needing his patches taken off and sewn on again, to the point where I dreaded seeing him coming.  Not because I dreaded seeing him, but because I knew he'd excelled in his class and or duties again, and we'd be ripping out stitches and sewing on patches, or measuring, marking, aligning and trying to pin and sew perfectly straight, to the nth degree another patch or two on every piece of clothing he owned with US Army on it.  Some had to be removed and moved up or down by micro specs until they were perfect.  I was experiencing nausea, vomiting and overwhelming fatigue from pregnancy and he was on edge from threats from superiors.  I wonder if the military knows how much pressure they add to families, just thinking on paper here.
He was a PFC at this point, oh do I remember these patches.
My only saving grace was a treadle sewing machine we found at a yard sale.  The needle was bent, so it broke the thread constantly (believe me there were some tense moments).  He worked crazy swing shifts, went for drill and came home with new patches.  I worked, babysat and cleaned house for a family with 6 kids.  Oldest 12, hated me, and the 2 year old was either climbing out windows or flushing very large objects down toilets in Army base housing.  CRAZY doesn't describe it.  I couldn't eat anything but saltine crackers. 

Did I mention this was a tough 13 months in our marriage.  We celebrated our 1st anniversary right after he finished basic training.  Our second anniversary was at Fort Devons, Mass.  Our third he was in Korea, our 4th in Two Rock Ranch CA and our 5 in Ft. Meade Maryland.  I sewed enough patches to make two full outfits for each of us in those 4 years.  I think this may be why it's hard for me to finish any craft that requires a sewing machine.

I need prayer!  I'd love to sew again for my pleasure.

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