Several Purse Straps - I-Cords, Knit and Crochet

Purse Straps

From Left to Right

The RED strap is cast on 13 stitches knit then purl each row consecutively until 1/3 longer than the finished strap you desire, for a large tote with 3 1/2" wide finished strap. This finished strap was knit as a part of the Market Bag.

(See Above) The pink/purple yarn is from my blog banner at the top of this blog. This is an extra (3 times the finished length) long single crochet using all three yarns used in the finished bag. I pinned the top of center of each strap to a piece of styrofoam and did a simple macrame' knot all the way down and tied it off, (made two). These are threaded through grommets attached to the bag.

Next a Blue/Brown/Turquoise Tan strap below is also a cast on flat strap using 7 stitches, then felted, sewn to the bag sides.

A small mauve strap with a pendant attached is single crochet - then felted. This is how I attache jewelry, pendants, etc.

A Thick Felted Brown Tweed strap is the i-cord pattern using 4 strands of the yarn used in the bag along with casting on 5 stitches to start with, making it very dense and strong. After felting while still wet this one had to be stretched a lot giving it more strength when it dried ... it will be carrying a computer bag.

The Blue/Brown/Turquoise and Tan i-cord next is an i-cord made with the same yarn as the color scheme 3 cords to the left and the last one on the right. I held two strands together, Retro Patons Classic Wool and Tan, then did the i-cord method with 4 stitches and felted, stretched, etc.

The Mauve/Purple/Pink thick cords side by side are another computer bag that needed a thick strong cord for the weight.

The brighter Pink/Brown/Burgandy combination is the bag in my youtube video at the bottom of this blog.

The last strap is a computer bag, also in one of my youtube videos. It is extra long and is sewn to the bag starting at the sides/bottom to give the entire structure more strength.

Several of these items are listed on http://www.bigsis2.etsy.com/

Others are spoken for and go out the door today!!

Thanks for lookin'!

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