All things handmade. Unique gifts for Christmas.

Indiana Handmade Soap $4.00 link to buy here

I have 2 grandsons born in Indiana!!

Made in Southern Rwanda.
Only $28.00 check it out here!
I found this awesome basket online in my search for some unique gifts - no friends and family it has not been purchased, just looking for unique items to share. On my list of things to make some day, handwoven baskets are close to the top.

Awesome purses made from wood pieces $78.00 : web page here
Maybe some day get some wood working done these look awesome

Sweet handmade necklace from Ukraine $25.00 web page link
I have a grandson from Russia!!

Handmade Silk Paper from China see web page here $45.00

I have a grandson from China!!

How about a handwoven wallet from Guatemala,
See link here $14.00

I have a granddaughter from Guatemala.

Just a fun reminder that shopping on line doesn't have to be limited to the normal gifts and the normal on-line stores, go handmade. I found all these by using a search engine. Searching for Unique Handmade gifts.


Thankfulness, Giving Thanks and that "Sacrifice" of Praise, some encouraging words from the Bible in this post.

Well, this is so good. Last week at church part of the teaching was on "Learning" to be content. The scripture about contentment that we're always measuring up to mentally, when we decide to give ourselves a spiritual check-up, nearly always boils down to how am I doing in the faith department, how am I at trusting - with all this chaos around me? The scripture gives an example of a Godly man who is content in prison (imagine the conditions around him in Bible times).

Philippians 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Then yesterday I received an email with this encouraging devotion, that was written in 1934 -

PRAISE CHANGES THINGS by Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman ­ November 24, 1934 ... We found that prayer and praise are the two wings that mount the soul upwards to God. Prayer asks, praise takes, or brings the answer.

I fancy that someone is saying right here, "I have prayed, but I do
not feel like praising God. Praise in the valley of the shadow? Praise when my heart is bleeding and torn? Tell me rather to weep! How can I praise God at such a time?" "Sacrifice ... the sacrifice of thanksgiving" is to praise God when you are depressed and despondent, when your life is covered with thick clouds and darkness, for it is acceptable to God, a "sweet smelling savor to your Lord and King."

While we are admonished to
"pray without ceasing," are we not also commanded to "rejoice evermore"? "This is the will of God concerning you." ... Praise has a wonderful lifting power, and we need not be anxious about the outcome of things if we will take the attitude of deliverance and begin to praise. ... Try thanksgiving. Praise changes things. Printed in the Pentecostal Evangel

Hebrews 13:14-16 14For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.

15Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name. 16And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Not only is contentment something we have to LEARN TO EXPERIENCE, but praising God when we don't feel like it and/or want to, is what pleases God. That's faith my friends, have faith in the midst - not when you got the answer to prayer!! Praise him at all times.

I'm having my own personal revival here ... join me if you like!

Larry and Stephanie you are in my prayers as you face this your first major holiday without your Angel. It wasn't supposed to be like this but God knows and may his sheltering arms carry you this next month as you process His love.


Olive Drab, OD,

Finally put the finishing touches on this bag in Olive, Browns and Tans, the strap is woven on my new loom, still learning, and the button was handmade out of Polymer clay by my sis!!

Too fun. (This one is sold!)


Vintage Sewing Patterns - Cleaning out the stash.

I don't know why or how I end up at the bottom of closets so often. I think I end up in there looking for a specific item that I know if I went to Wal Mart or Jo Ann Fabrics I could buy another one for $2 or $3, but I'm sure I had one (like an embroidery needle or a piece of elastic or a large metal button) whatever notions I need, end up being in one of those sewing storage containers that are never tapped into, unless I'm doing the desperate search to finish a project.

I don't hate sewing, I enjoy it, but I do hate quitting a project in the middle, cleaning up all the mess, tucking it away in a closet and, because it's tucked away, never getting back to the project. If I could leave the mess, work continuous from day-to-day, I'd sew more often, guess I need a sewing room. hm--m-m-m.

The point being, while I was in there looking for a button for a finished purse, I found several 1980's Sewing Patterns for skirts and jackets. I listed them under VINTAGE on Etsy, too weird. I have Vintage items in my closet. I listed a Vintage Macrame' Book awhile back and it sold almost as soon as I listed it.

So, if you're looking at my Etsy shop and see Vintage clothing patterns, don't assume I've flipped my lid, just know I've been in the closet again!



Seriously, they make YARN out of BAMBOO!!

NOPE not really me, just another funny pic I found on-line.

In my many efforts to be stocked up for the winter and in the know of the latest fibers, I discovered Bamboo Yarn, I've been reading about it's durability - it is GREEN (environmentally) and imported from CHINA - should make something for the Grandson from China -
Found a .pdf that talks about bamboo:


Probably weave a few scarves out of this - it's beautiful!! (not this color necessarily)

Mixed Media (Sort OF)

Well, what an adventure so far in 2009. I made a new year's resolution to learn new techniques in my knitting and to be published this year, to enter a knitting competition and kick my skills up a notch. Too fun. Fitting all this in as I travel pretty much "full-time" (meaning I'm gone for months at a time, weeks at a time, then "Home" or back at our campsite, or motel for short periods of time) about half that is on a motorcycle.

So it's incredible what I've accomplished this year. Fit into all I planned, I came in 18th place in a handmade purse competition. Published several youtube videos and learned weaving, including landing a great deal on a used loom on ebay. On top of all that I discovered a friend from my past owns Alpacas, and she taught me to needle felt, and method of felting called fulling or wet felting. So much to do - so little time to blog because my free time is taken up with wool or alpaca yarn. I love fibers.

Now I'm knitting and felting handbags, adding a hand woven purse strap from my loom, out of the same yarn used in the bag, and adding my own (or my sister's) polymer clay buttons or closures to the bags. My goals for 2010? Well, I really want my Etsy store
to take off, so I'm thinking of smaller items to sell like woven cell phone sleeves, computer sleeves, etc. and I plan on really getting good at needle felting or wet felting next year.

I went to my favorite yarn store today after finding out the fiber show I was headed to doesn't start until tonight, bummer, missed it, or maybe can fit it in tomorrow. While I was there one of my fellow weaving students was there, we caught up on the last several months and I looked at her amazing piece on the loom. We talked yarns, looms, purses, etsy, and of course life itself. She's a great lady, had to leave so she could weave (which is why she came in).


Veteran's Day 2009 - Married to a Vet

Veteran's Day is special in this house!

40 years ago my hubby was overseas during the Vietnam War and I was home with our infant son. After he returned home safely, we went on with life, made bad and finally better decisions, had another son, and didn't think a lot about him being a Veteran until the last 10 years or so...

Now as we ride our motorcycles in Run For The Wall annualy, and as we go through daily routine, we are constantly reminded of the results of his willing service to this country. With the country currently at war, we're reminded to pray for our troops. He was honored to serve, he volunteered, yet we had lots of struggles during his service and afterwards. We're thankful for the Veterans Administration, our fellow Veteran friends, and a Nation who honors their heroes.

THANK A VET today, they need to hear "WELCOME HOME" from a grateful heart. War is never popular, but our soldiers should be, because they are heroes!


My hat was returned. 7 Sales on Etsy instead of 8.

Well, several months ago I started listing my items that I handmade on ETSY. It is a neat opportunity to have people from all over the world look at your items. I've purchased several items myself. I've also considered doing the same thing in 1000 Markets, which is also a handmade marketplace.

My Etsy store has pushed me to get better pictures, do better listings and stay current with my knitting and felting items. www.BigSis2.etsy.com

I have some items featured on this blog.

I also am giving away a free 2010 calendar to anyone who wants to go get it on my Google Documents. It's just a click away on this blog or my etsy store.

I have 4 purse orders, so any typing I do keeps me from knitting. I promised myself I wouldn't take any last minute orders for Christmas, so once I finish the orders I have and the ones I've discussed with customers recently, I'm gonna knit several more for my Etsy store. I have 10 items out there right now ... (sold 2 at a craft fair this weekend) Fun Stuff.

Tomorrow we're taking the day to spend with our grandsons who turn 7 next month. Their choice was a movie and eating out, or a bounce house with other games - they chose bouncing, it'll be a great day, they're so entertaining, enthusiastic and easy to please!!



Pictures of my knitting that I FELT like sharing in a 2010 Calendar

I made a calendar for you to print. It is stored on Google Documents. All you have to do is click on this link and click on print when the calendar pulls up.

Each month is on a page, with a to do list. It includes some of my favorite purse and knitting pictures for over the last year. ENJOY!!


My Hat is Being Returned

Well, it sold on Etsy.

She is returning it because it is too large. The description included that it fits a large head and/or big hair. Doggone, she didn't let me know she was returning it before she mailed it. I could've stepped her through fitting it to her head.

When a felted item is too big, put it in a pillow case, tie a knot in the pillow case. Fill the washer with HOTTEST water about half full.

Throw in a pair of jeans that you need to shrink, and the pillowcase with the item. Add a little laundry soap, wash for about 5 minutes. STOP. Open the bag check the item??? Is it smaller??? Does it fit??? Spin the water out, shape it over a rolled up towel and let air dry. THE HAT FITS!

Same steps with purses.

You can buy this poster.