Knitting Socks, Sock Yarn, metal needles, and Giant Slippers to Felt. And a Cross Country Motorycycle Ride By Myself. WHAT?

I changed my title picture.

I found the picture on-line quite a while back and when I was thinking about knitting socks, this really made me laugh.

If only knitting socks were that simple.

But, I know that I can knit them now, the trick is getting around the heal, and knitting in a circle to close the toes having all your stitches divided up on several little needles, looks pretty strange, but it works. I made slippers before Christmas, that were giant socks, then felted to fit the hubby's feet. Link to my slipper blog post.

He wears them every evening, and now I have to tackle sock yarn.

Sock yarn, this is like using toothpicks and thread (almost), slight exaggeration, (very slight). I'm trying to use sock yarn for my next large project, a size 2 cape, and I've torn it out now 5 times since January 1st. I've ordered a pattern from Fiber Trends for Felted Clogs. Could not find a pattern I could buy and download ANYWHERE what's with that? If Fiber Trends allowed downloaded patterns, I'd have the men's clogs DONE!! (Sorry Ken)

When our son was home from Denver, he admired the slippers I made for the hubby, and sent me and Jenn looking for yarn for some slippers for him. We decided on a Clog pattern, thus the hunt for the pattern. I've designed a lot of items, but the slippers are still new enough to me, I cannot improvise!! (YET) I found the pattern on EBAY!! YEAH, EBAY!! It'll be in the mail in Indiana this week, then sent "via snow-bird account" to our temporary Phoenix location. Then I get to knit clogs.

I just went through pictures on my old computer and found over 18 items that I made last year that were not included in my latest youtube video (in the right margin down from this post).

I made a dress for our new Granddaughter (ended up more like twice her size by the pattern and by the guage of course, but she's so petite it's in her closet till she's 12). I also stepped down the pattern (some math and some guessing) and made a matching doll dress. Of course the doll wears her dress all the time, so far.

I knit a full-length sweater for my d-i-l and doggone it, I forgot pictures of several items. One good friend ordered two purses for her daughters for Christmas, no pictures (other than the felting process on one made it to youtube), and I made her a laptop computer sleeve, and for the life of me I cannot even remember what colors I used ... getting old is such a bummer along the lines of losing ones memory!

I knit a great tote last summer that was all black and subtle grey stripes. It was Huge, and called for leather straps that fastened to the purse with 4 small belt loop style tabs. After felting and doing the PURSE STRAP ON-LINE HUNT, I gave up and sewed two belt loops about 1/3 down from the top of the bag as belt loops, and wove a very nice silky scarf through the loops to give the purse a personal style ... I was so anxious to bless my friend with this bag I FORGOT PICTURES.

I knit several pairs of wrist warmers, didn't like most of them, but they sold at a craft fair speedy fast, some also sold on Etsy. Last minute Christmas I knit a sweet baby-blanket to go with the little baby-buggy for Aven's doll, and of course the Mother Daughter wristers (arm-warmers) I desgned, whew. You'd think I have nothing else to do, but really all of this is about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours a day and I love creative knitting!!These sold on Etsy.

Guess what I hope to improve on this year?

  • GETTING GREAT PICTURES OF EVERYTHING I MAKE (you'd never know I am married to a professional photographer with an amazing digital camera - I'm in too much a hurry to get the gift out, or get it listed - I'M SLOWING DOWN ON THIS ONE!
  • MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE (or watch it hang in a closet)
  • ENJOY KNITTING - and get published (don't know how this will come about, but I'm looking into it)
All realistic goals for improvement ... and I'm well on the way. I hope my wrists hold up, I'm developing some stinging in my joints, wrist fingers, ets. I need to have strong hands to ride my motorcycle also. Going cross country in May for the 7th time. I'm thinking about making this one a fund raiser for a cause! I'm planning on riding cross country by myself (ahead of a huge organized ride)...hooking up with the group at some stops and every evening, but riding the entire country by myself. Plans are lookin' good.


womens socks said...

Is there enough time for people to knitting socks. I really get surprised.

M-I-L said...

You can't buy sox this beautiful. The Yarn at about $8.00 to #15.00 a skein makes a pair of socks. The pattern is a little complicated to learn, but the finished products are amazing. Of course 4 pairs for 12.00 at WalMart is much easier, but handmade give a personal touch.

You can buy this poster.