My longest knitting slump, and where's my luggage?

OK, a true test in patience, and I need a new hobby. I'm just not real good at having down time without something to knit or read. Spent some time in a bookstore today, great way to relax and get new ideas. I'm always tempted to buy a journal. When I buy them I only write in about the first 3 to 15 pages, then move along to another journal, why, why, why, I have a lot of why's right now.

My baggage had knitting needles when I returned from Little Rock to Phoenix, so I went to UPS the evening before I left Little Rock and had them put my suitcase in a box and ship it to me. Ken's Knit Felt Clogs are in there (well sort of, the needles, the yarn and the pattern - I've not knit one stitch of his slippers, maybe Colorado will have a late winter)...Aven's sweet little cape is in there about 1/3 finished, the needles for that are about 19" long and 2.4 mm in diameter, they certainly look like weapons of mass destruction, so the yarn for one "wing" of the cape, and the pockets, is in the bag...also I have my jewelry (all costume jewelry that I've had several opportunities to wear in the last 3 days) and of course some laundry, as we never got the dryer hooked up when I went to help my sister move into her apartment. SO-o-o-o today, I shopped for Valentine gifts for our grandkids, and I bought myself a Knitting Book ... I'll read it till I get my yarn, then I'll knit while I'm catching up on the laundry.

My carry on was 1/2 the normal size carry on and it still would not fit in the overhead compartment on the little Puddle Jumper that took me from Dallas to Arkansas, so a nice gentleman offered to hold it for me while all passengers got seated, then worked his way to the front to have my bag tagged and placed in the underbelly - something I checked on before getting on the plane, but was told, place it under the seat in front of me - well, my purse barely fit under there ... I took the same flight back to Dallas, this is where UPS came in. To check the bag and wait on it at my final destination would have cost 15.00, I sent it home and it cost 18.00. Now I wait.
This is no exaggeration, what part of carry-on and a personal item is this lady taking serious? If it's a case of "don't leave your bags unattended ..." she failed that one too! OK I'm done. Now I get it -LIFE AIN'T FAIR!!

I'm still processing my sister's loss.

Today is her birthday,

I'm sure she's struggling and will have many "anniversaries" to face in the near future, but her birthday was always a special event with Norman, 43 years of marriage, you make a lot of history together, I still cannot believe he's gone. While I was with her last week, we were buying a few electronic items for her apartment and I was unsure of what she already had at the house, so I had the thought, "We should call Norman and make sure we aren't duplicating our efforts here." I'm so glad I didn't say that out loud, in the same instant I realized he's gone, there's no calling Norman. We miss you Normie.

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