TSA is running my life. I want to knit on the plane. And I have two new books.

There are so few times that I have 2 or 3 hour blocks of time, this 3 hour flight on Friday will feel like wasted time, if I cannot knit. So as a backup, I finally found a paperback version of Atlas Shrugged. I'm so into reading it again, I read it over 40 years ago ... I bought B & N's last copy last night. Also, I got the Prayers That Avail Much 25th anniversary edition. It is an incredible reference book for life's situations, and how to pray for each circumstance. It isn't a formula, it's an amazing collection of scriptures that apply to each concern that you can pray the scripture mentioning the name of the person involved.

Some of the topics are Prayers to Glorify God, Prayers to Watch What You Say, Prayers to Receive Forgiveness, Prayers for Peaceful Sleep, Prayers for the Loss of a Loved One, Prayers for Loved Ones Caught up in a Cult, Prayers for People Living With Abuse, etc. I started looking for this book when a Pastor used it as a reference book for the Prayer and Fast the church is participating in, we chose to be a part of this experience, and are so excited about the event. Our experience has been that when we take time to pray, and fast a meal, a period of time, or certain foods or habits, that we are more focused on our purpose and calling, and see God's involvement in our lives and the lives of others ... I'm excited!

Our day-to-day ministry is an outreach to Bikers, which encompasses homeless and veterans, and sometimes homeless bikers and veterans. We try to work in conjunction with the existing churches, find out what they're doing and join them. The outreach of this church in the heart of Phoenix is clicking. Friday night Dinner and a Movie (Friday Night Live) has over 70 people from the streets and the neighborhood coming on the parking lot for a brief greeting, a movie (currently showing the entire Star Wars series week-by-week) and a meal (and popcorn), chairs in rows in the parking lot with a blow-up screen. We mingle and talk, and have an area set up for prayer. We've cooked the last two weeks, fun!!

When we do Motorcycle Events, we register for the event and participate, or we volunteer with the leadership and work set-up, tear-down, registration, or set-up a ministry booth serving coffee, ice-water, and giving out "Biker" theme Bibles. Yep, I take my knitting. Because there are days that we sit in our booth for a few hours while the entire participation is off on some charity ride or doing "Biker Games" that get a little offensive ... so I stay in the booth with the coffee and ice-water.

Thinking back over the last year, I've had my knitting with me on the motorcycle, tent camping, in motels all across country, in our RV camper, at picnic tables, under our canopy at biker events, in people's homes as we travel and stay with family and friends, always in the truck, and of course sitting under our canopy in a church parking lot (our temporary home) in Phoenix. I'm planning on being more focused on praying as I knit. I pray while I knit but my new goal is to pray the scriptures as I learn them and apply them to specific needs of the people we meet along the way, and for our loved ones.

That is what this book is all about: Know what scriptures apply to your circumstances, and pray quoting them in faith that God hears and is taking action. It's more to build my faith than to get God moving!! He's already moving - I need to build my faith that HE'S IN CONTROL!!

So glad he's God and I'm not - I could mess things up pretty royal.

Knitting Pattern a Day
OH, I almost forgot - I finally found a copy of Knitting Pattern a Day, This is the daily pattern CONTEST that I hope to submit a pattern to, I'm still planning on being published in 2009, I wrote out a new pattern the other day in the truck (waiting for the hubby to go to 3 different stores for a specific tool he needed for his Motorcycle). It could be the one!!

Gotta pack.

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mattress said...

40 years......! that is really a long time ago. Have you remembered any part of that book after this much long time?

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