Knowledge Hindered

So crazy!

What was I fighting?
Beating my way out of a rice-paper cage.
If hope tore it , I repaired it.
If dread wore it thin, I asked others for help mending it.
When I began to see through it,
I covered my eyes with sun-shades.

Faith came, and went!
It drifted with circumstances.
It hoped beyond hope till hope failed.
It was clouded by shadows of fear;
darkened by temporal desires.
My heart darkened by dread and shame.

Arms reaching? Fall in.
Wanting peace more than victory.
Longing for purpose above the cloud shadows.
Aching for lasting contentment.
Awaiting in the recesses, wide open arms;
my hero, my knight, my prince, my Lord.

Fear - my knowledge hindered.

poetry by: Judy Mobley Cockrum ©2007

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