Kntting baby items.

I found patterns for those cute little baby props being used for newborn photos.  There are sweet little cocoons, hammocks, oversized hats, knit diaper covers, etc.  I'm thinking I need to make several of each, in pastels and naturals for the ladies I know who love to take baby photos.

The store where I purchased these patterns on Etsy has some of the best photos to go along with the patterns, so here's the link to her page and a few sample items:




Long Tail Hat

I have Angie, the designer's,  permission to use her photos.  Go see her work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/4asong.

Here I go a new adventure, and a new Grandbaby on the way ... life is full of blessings.


Cranberry Morning said...

How exciting! when is the grandbaby due? I'm in the middle of knitting my first 'Lillie's Little Sweater' for a grandson.

M-I-L said...

The baby is due mid-April. Still no word on boy or girl, but I was told I could make both in preparation. So I do have a pretty cool sweater I'm making that can be either or by removing an embellishment!!

This is from the book "simple knits for cherished babies" by erika knight, is the chunky Knit Cardigan.

You can buy this poster.