Recycled Yarn Remnants

I really didn't think that much about it until I read an article in a recent knitting magazine about a person who collected (so to speak) other's yarn leftovers. I've given mine to my sister on occasion, not really having a plan for the leftovers. Now I'm wondering, is there a skein out there just for me to finish this project, or two or three in a bag in a closet - a project that never got started?

Recycle your yarn, find a Senior Center, Women's Shelter, Craft Group, H.S. club, etc to donate the stuff to. If you see yarn at a yard sale, get it and donate it, or find a way to trade it. I did a search on-line and there are hundreds of ideas about how to recycle it. I just hate to see yarn go to waste.

I have some sweet unfinished projects of Flo's, my mother-in-law who passed last July, and I've left the crochet needle in one of the items, and displayed the unfinished work in my china cabinet. She's a treasured friend, and I really miss her our first Easter without her. So - one's unfinished project is another's treasure!! No Doubt!!

Forget to post this picture earlier. This is the 2006 Christmas present I made for our d-i-l, Andrea. This was the ultimate panic attack. When it was finished, to the stitch, it looked horrible, then (after crying) I decided to look in an old needlework book and read about blocking, WALLA!! It was almost as beautiful as this picture, and she really liked it. Made with Caron Simply Soft Shadows.


A Question About The Purl Stitch

Step One shows you the location of the Yarn in front of the stitch on the left needle.

Step two slip needle into stitch from right to left.

Wrap the yarn by pointing tip of right needle around the yarn and pull through left to right.

These are the four steps, and just between step 3 and 4 I removed the stitch from Left needle t right. Got my hands out of the way to just show needles and yarn.


I just found out there is a name for what we are doing at 3 knitting sisters.

It's called a "Knit-a-Long," where everyone who's knitting is knitting the same project at the same time. Now granted this is quite a feat - the miles between us, the opportunity to talk on the phone limited by various circumstances, and the skill levels ... but at least we have a name for what we're doing. That is half the battle in our culture.

It's like "power-shopping", who knew there was a name for serious shopping, thought it was natural, but there are requirements. Basically, you're going after several things at once, and your time is limited, but all time will be ignored if you land on bargains, especially if the bargains fall into one or more of the categories for which the purpose of the "power shopping" adventure began in the first place. (My definition.)

Or it reminds me of "conference calls," where everyone dials in to the same number. Each knows the purpose of the call, but each comes with their own agenda. How do you accomplish the end when the means takes so many curves and turns and detours. Remember empty phone lines in the 60's where we would all dial in at the same time? What did we call those?

Then again there is the "business meeting," where everyone arrives on-time, usually has a hint what their role will be, but comes unprepared, knowing the meeting monitor will never get around to the point of the meeting because of others who are unprepared, therefore the meeting continues a little beyond it's scheduled time, then ends up being rescheduled to accomplish its orginal purpose...is our Knit-a-Long under this kind of pressure?


I remember "home parties" when we were buying toys, or kitchen items, or jewelry, people still do that. But does everyone who RSVP's (do people RSVP anymore?) show up for the party? NO, so who comes to "Knit-a-Long" parties? Anyone who wants to spend less than $20.00 on a pattern some yarn and some needles ... get on-line find people who are learning, or teaching and...




A few pictures of the BERBER style knitting. This is a prayer shawl, the start of one anyway. My hubby calls it Berber Carpet. It's kind of a iced mocha coffee color...I really like it.
It is Vanna's Choice Taupe. Actually this picture makes it look a little pinker than it actually is, but the original picture looks greyer, so this is better than grey.
It is such a simple pattern for the entire piece, yet every row is a reward as it completes the little squares within the rows.


Wow, I haven't KNIT in days.

Why does the ole schedule get so busy just when you start a new project?

The hubby says my new piece looks like our BERBER carpet. Well, hopefully it won't when it's done since it's supposed to be a shawl. If I block it and wash it it should soften up, it is a beautiful pattern though.

I'll be posting a picture of my progress soon.



She Got It!!

Andrea received the sweater. And she loves it. And it fits. Not bad for across the miles, huh?
Andrea you rock! I have never known such an awesome Mom and wife.

I have 3 projects in the works. One is for Aven (again). I found the neatest book for little girls and their dolls (matching outfits) the smallest pattern size is 2, she'll be two someday (next January). But I'm already thinking Christmas 2008, Baby's first Christmas (with us - she's adopted from Guatemala and had her first Christmas there with her adoptive family- our son and daughter-in-law and 4 grandsons, but we missed it ... and had a late Christmas instead, saw it all in photos though and talked on Christmas day over the miles.)
One I mentioned in an earlier post for our friend who has a son in Iraq, and the other is for ?
Maybe it's a random knit of kindness.


K1 *P1 K1 to the end, K next row!! REPEAT (Cast on 63 for Shawl)

I love this stich, not only is it easy but it looks beautiful with the VANNA's CHOICE. I've already decided who gets this piece when I'm done. (I'm praying for her son who is in IRAQ currently serving as an Army Chaplain for all our HEROS...mom's rock!!)

This is the pattern for the latest Lion Brand Prayer Shawl posted on the FREE patterns on the Lion Brand . com web page.

The picture is not the stitch - just a knitting pic.

I like these two ladies - they make it look like knitting is fun!!


For A GOOD Reason

Starting a Blog about knitting, challenging my sisters to do a knitting project, in their imaginary free time, it's all for a good reason. You see one of my sisters has a very disappointing job and struggles with major decisions that she has to make about the work situation, the time left in the day, the people she loves, including me! I in my selfish motives would like spending time with her for a change, so I invited her to do this project with me.

The other sister has a major step of faith - let's call it a GIANT step - with her hubbies current health condition. Believing in her own abilities to care for him, finding space to pause and re-think her beliefs in this trying time, and just plain doing something for herself other than breathe ... it's not easy right now. And I'm pouring out my heart here because I've never been where she is, neither has my other sister, some of you may be there or know what I'm talking about but I say all this to say...

Tomorrow we aren't starting knitting classes, because her front door only gets opened when something, from someone, directed by some great unknown (who we all really know), stops by and lays an offering (be it a meal, a gift, a sweet surprise, etc.) on her beautiful porch. The back door gets opened out to the garage when she escorts her hubby to treatments, or rushes out to a grocery or restaurant for a craved meal when he's improving and hungry. NO - we won't start until she receives her pins and string, (yarn and needles).

They'll be posted and on their way Monday March 10th. When I talked to her today and offered to do her shopping for her 1400 miles away and get the mailman to do the porch delivery she was so honored.

One day this week we'll start Cast On 63, k1 *p1 k1 using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, k row 2, and repeat from * until the piece is 20" by 60" and we'll all three have prayer shawls to give to whomever ... praying over each stitch.

Can you feel the love?

Trust me - I want to teach knitting to my sisters, one who already knows how but never does cannot even leave her house right now, because she wants to be at his side, listening to him when he rests, sharing with him when he's strong, and holding his head in her lap when any time he wishes. Being in the middle of the treatments is an awkward place because he knows how they work, knows what to expect, yet, gets blindsighted by something new each time...if there was some guarantee he'd feel less stressed. Is there a miracle on the other side of this stuff? We're BANKING ON IT!!


About Time, Watches, Cell Phones, Clocks, Alarms

It is about time. I'm Ready To Get Started. Time is the ELEMENT that helps or hurts. What I do with my free time, knit-purl-knit-purl, actually has material rewards - the finished product.

I just had a conversation with a friend who lives on the Navajo Reservation. We were discussing an upcoming motorcycle event, and the Navajo Nation is planning some special ceremonies. The scheduling of this event is tricky, because of the culture clash that occurs when we try to synchronize our clocks between cultures. My friend concluded the in their world they start their day and end events by sunrise and end by sunset, others go by an alarm, cell phone, watch, clock, scenario. I've been thinking about this all day.

I stopped wearing a watch when I quit working an 8-5 office job (that was never 8-5). I quit setting an alarm about the same time. But I cannot get a clock out of my head. I can guess the current time within 10 or 15 minutes about anytime of day - I must be more native than I thought - ever notice how much time slows down when you schedule is rudely interupted by life's tragedies? One of my LONGEST DAYS (actually both were equally long) my hubby's parents' funerals. The slowest the clock ever moved - two labor days (giving birth that is). The slowest waiting game? Hubby returning from overseas during the war. A recent slow down, the return of all the grandkids and our son and daughter-in-law from a delayed adoption process out of the country ... 6 to 8 weeks turned into 103 days.

Just a mind bender. By the way - who divided time into years, days, hours, minutes anywho?


All About Taking a Turn for the Worse!!

I'm trying to remember the disheartening feelings I experienced when my hubby started recovering from a horrible accident several years ago, then relapsed.

I'm trying to think if I would have taken up knitting, because I didn't allow myself any SELF time at that point, as I was at his side day and night, I mostly just sat there staring, hoping, wishing, praying, etc.

Now as I ask my two sisters to join me on this mission, not only making prayer shawls and praying as we make them, but I'm asking them to have their needles and yarn (pins and string in the U.K.) handy whenever life deals them some PAUSE time. I also ask those out in interKNITland, who are challenged with a seemingly insurmountable current event, to consider joining us. Didn't say it would be easy, and we promise not to leave you in the dust. We'll keep your pace as you tackle this mission.

When Life's Events Take A Turn For The Worse - Jump In And Do What You Do Best! Every good gift is from above. Don't Worry - Be Creative. (small bits of wisdom from the small brain)

LET'S KNIT (I'd like class to begin next Monday, March 10, 2008) THAT'S MY GOAL!!

You can buy this poster.