Knit Pockets - Taking Knitting Needles on an Airplane (TSA Approved??)

The pockets on a Toddler Cape are so tiny, knit in stockinette stitch for 2" knit in ribbing 1", they are the cutest pockets I've ever made.

OK, I am enjoying making this cape.

I'm struggling with laying it down, but I cannot take it on the plane with me because I'm concerned the needles size 2 (very tiny diameter) and very long, will be confiscated by the TSA. I've read and re-read everybody's blogs and all the TSA rules, they say knitting needles are allowed, but bloggers say they've had them taken even, or especially, if they have the printed TSA rules and argue the point. WOW - I'm taking my interchageable needles though, but that won't get this cape done, so I give in, I'm laying it down for a week, that hurts.

I'm taking the needles I need to make Ken's slippers (clogs), finally starting them, wow I've really had a knitting mental block. If I figured up all the stitches in this little cape (teeny tiny stitches) I've probably knit enough stitches for 3 felted bags ... but oh, my goodness, this project is coming along beautifully, I think I'm going to use the scrap yarn to make some hacky sacks for some boys I know, found a great free pattern from Berroco called CATCH.

So, off to the store, laundry tomorrow and pack the next day, Little Rock here I come, without my size 2 needles.

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