Sisters Who Knit

This blog was originally about the 3 of us sisters and our knitting experiences. But it quickly turned to me knitting, learning new methods, felting, etc. while Karen faced a crisis in her life and Barbara got busy knitting between responsibilities at work ... and such.

Now I can report a year later that Karen's crisis isn't over, but she went to her first official knitting class Monday night and she told me today that she has a scarf for ______, and it is about 6 inches long so far, and she has torn it out and started over with it several times, but she's proud of it.

Barbara I believe will pass us both up as she is SO talented.

I hope to report more progress as the year goes on.

Right now I'm up in the middle of the night in Phoenix, in a camper with a helicopter circling overhead, over and over and over, I'm assuming they're looking for someone in the area, sure makes it hard to sleep!! But I think I'll try.

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