My sister adds one more title to her name tonight.

She's my big sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, an aunt and a grandmother, she is a friend, a teacher, and a mentor ... but tonight she's a widow.

Our sweet Norman passed away this evening in her arms. It's been a long tough year of surgeries, meds, chemo, radiation, vomiting, tube feedings, tough decisions and heartache. He is with His Lord, no more pain or tears ... We'll sure miss you Norman, you brought such a balance to our family. He hung in there through Thanksgiving, Christmas, their anniversary Dec. 26th and the New Year. Our last conversation with him was so precious, he was sweet and the way he throws his head back to smile is just Norman, always pleasant.

I hope to be a good little sister this week as we walk this new journey with her, family and friends.

Don't know if I'll take my knitting or not. Flying from Phoenix to Little Rock once I hear the details of his memorial.

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Julie said...

So sorry to hear the news.
You will be the best sister and friend she ever had, to get her through this journey. Be strong. Julie

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