Nothing to do with Knitting today. FACEBOOK, My SINGLE Mistake, and a little RANTING TODAY!!

I'm very troubled today.

I was updating my profile on Facebook, when I accidentally rolled my mouse across the "Relationship Status."

I proceeded to fill in some new info on myself, and looked up to see I had erroneously scrolled the Single into the category.

So, glad I had caught the error - leaving it there would put several people who know us into a state of shock!!
I got the error fixed by clicking on the down arrow for that selection field.



In a Relationship
It's Complicated
In an Open Relationship

Here are my additions to the FACEBOOK list:

not telling
none of your business
narrowed down t
o 2 or 3
Now, I realize that I was born in the first half of the previous century ...

but am I the only one that has a problem with these choices.

There was a time when this information was collected on just about every printed form imaginable, resume's, hospital registration forms, applications, school records, loans, yet, there were only 3 choices. Single, Married, or Widowed (or in most cases going way back: Single or Married).

I know, I know, I'm way behind the times, and my Judeo-Christian beliefs are showing, but when did all these options come into play.

Why can't some of these fall into the same category.

Like are you single when you're engaged - or widowed?

Are you married or engaged when "It's Complicated," and does that invite the onslaught of dating services?

Does an Open Relationship mean just that, not married, not single, not engaged, not widowed, not complicated, just OPEN, open to what?

I guess that having lived as long as I have, building trust in a marriage relationship for over 42 years causes me pause to what in the world is happening in America.

Making personal commitments to my spouse, children, and acquaintances to take integrity seriously, with God's help and His strength, I plan to be married until I'm widowed, or Dead! Doesn't that sound like one of the vows we make in the marriage ceremony?

Sure I've made tons of mistakes and there have been many times where I've had to talk it through and been called upon to forgive. There were times that leaving would've been the easiest thing to do, and times when hanging on to the marriage for the sake of ... you fill in the blanks, but working through it solidified not just our relationship but a legacy to leave for those we love, and those who love us. It's been worth all the work. Yep, I'm saying we're in this for ourselves, for each other, and WE ARE IN IT FOR THOSE WHO ARE HOPING BEYOND ALL HOPE that they can make marriage work too. IT IS WORK!! I'm at a place in my life where I've seen enough to be able to evaluate this pretty well. Most marriages fail because one or both of the spouses simply aren't into the work it takes, they'd rather ... again, you fill in the blanks.

Here's the deal. We go to someone Legal, make a bunch of promises, usually, but not always, in a church or religious setting, or at least a judge, we have witnesses and some people sign some papers, repeat some VOWS, file the papers with the state, and start our lives, then we decide ...

The decision becomes, "Do I want to change, compromise my selfishness and be a good spouse, parent, etc. etc. or do I want to stay like I am, selfish, then get everything my way?"

I know, I really do, that there are times when a spouse becomes a louse, and when a relationship ends up being destructive, and everyone has to take a hard look at their options, but I venture to guess that the majority of the "it's complicated," responses come from wanting more - a lack of contentment, or as we old-timers call it "selfishness."

Have I seen the vicious cycle in my 60+ years? Yep, someone caught in that cycle goes to their Facebook account, fills in Relationship Status as "It's Complicated," since the vows aren't really working out, then calls it Single, then probably gets engaged (again) and has to change it again, until one of these spouses dies and finally calls it widowed, ... but eventually it'll be single again, so does this mean the safest way to get off this rediculous roller coaster of relationship is to put "In an Open Relationship" and just forget it?

Then one can be SO OPEN MINDED THEIR BRAINS FALL OUT!! What good are ya without brains?

Sample Wedding Vows:

In the presence of God and these our friends I take thee to be my husband/wife, promising with Divine assistance to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband/wife so long as we both shall live.

I (name), take you (name) to be my (husband/wife), my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.


OK so I didn't win the competition, but I won a designer bag!


Ok, so, you submit a designer bag of your own creation to this competition called Bags 2 Riches, which is a fundraiser for sheltering and mentoring homeless people in Indianapolis. Trusted Mentors.

You pay a small fee, fill out an application, give your design a name and submit it, then if your bag is chosen in the top 10 your bag gets to go down the fashion show runway at a huge GALA and the final votes come in and walla!!

I didn't win.

I wasn't even in the top 10, and I don't even know if my bag SOLD at the Gala, but I know I contributed to a wonderful cause, and supported some great volunteers in this effort. Next year - WATCH OUT!

But, I got a call today.

I was a good sport, and knew I missed the top 10, so I voted on a beautiful fabric bag, and GUESS WHAT!!

I won the bag that I voted on. Oh, my goodness, I was just hoping the bag would win, I didn't expect to end up with the bag. Too neat.

I can't see it or lay my hands on it till around March 2010, because it has to travel to California for a photo shoot, and be marketed and shown off and all that stuff, but I'm a winner!!

That's what counts!!


Denim Sparkle - That's the name of this Knit Felt Purse

This is my design. I'm excited about the bases I'm putting on my purses. They stand so nice, on their own. I found this clay star at the Talbot Square Art Show this spring and that was my inspiration. I've made several that are totally different and unique, but this is my first purse with a drawstring. It's cute when the straps are pulled tight.

Yep, this bag is for sale.

Check out the store at www.bigsis2.etsy.com

I added a strap to another one today, but I still need to needle felt as special design on the front.

A Peek at the Bottom "Base" of the purse - clever.

oh, yeah, a pic of the purse (not just parts)

More creations on the way!!


Life In-Between - a Tough Post Today

Sometimes I post about knitting
or weaving
or being creative
or my silly fear of failure.

Sometimes I go a long time without posting at all.

Today I'm posting about "Life In-Between."

In-between projects, daily routine, motorcycle trips, church services, family visits, hooking-up with my sisters or friends.

All that stuff in-between the posts.

Today we're going to a funeral.

That speaks of all that is life! Love, family, pain, hopes, future, disappointments, breathing, eating, sleeping, planning, and sometimes shattered dreams.

Sydney Faye, the grand-daughter of a very special friend, the daughter of a very fine couple, the young man I've known since he was a pre-teen, and has become a great friend as an adult.

His baby girl was hoped for, carried nearly full-term by her sweet Mommy, then stillborn last week. My heart aches, it's so heavy for this couple. I think of all the plans, in their minds, in their home, in the extended family, a future forever altered, their "New Normal" that won't feel Normal for a long time. Friends and family learning how to reach in and touch the pain to ease it.


A song that rolls through my head a lot, one that was sung at my Brother-in-Laws funeral in January, helps me get a grip.

"Blessed be the Name of the Lord, ... He gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say, Blessed be the Name." The scripture is Job 1:21

I'm so thankful I have a God who cares, comforts and makes Himself known in times like these.

We are praying for you Larry and Stephanie, Larry and Linda, Becky and Aaron ... Daniel ... Clayton and Mary Lou ... You are all so special to us.

He Gives, and Takes Away | Christian Music Today

This is a great read the story behind a song.

He Gives, and Takes Away | Christian Music Today

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Sample of my needle felting

I did finally learn needle felting. Thanks to a family friend from my youth - neat reunion!!

The 3-dimensional effect is from using roving (raw wool - dyed of course) and several very sharp needles, with foam behind the fabric.

You poke the wool into your fabric (sounds simple) but you have to be very careful with the needles. Anyway, this is my first needle felting a flower on a bag - it has been in my head for over a year - it's listed on Etsy. It has been completed since August, just finally got good pics! The bag has been finished for about a year and has not sold, hoping the embellishment will kick-up the chances of selling.


Purse Straps - How-To - Step-by-Step

One of my most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for making my purses is, "How do you make the straps?"

I made a video on You Tube showing how to make an i-cord strap.


This can be found to the left under YouTube videos also.

Great example of an i-cord strap after felting and attaching it to the bag via grommets.

Another style of strap is a flat strap from side to side. Knitting each row right side and wrong side until the strap is 1/3 longer than you want the finished piece (if you're felting it). Also, you'll need to make it about 1/4 wider than you want the finished piece to allow for side-to-side shrinkage. If you like make it even narrower and pick up stitches all along the length of the handle on either side and knit a row in a contrasting color. This is the technique I used in the purse at the top of my blog.

Here are a few close up pics of handles I've made in that fashion. Notice the contrasting or highlighting colors.

These were finished by knitting one row with the contrasting color, then picking up the first row while casting off, a "Tuck" row.

Woven In - I found 2 mistakes in my weaving, but ...

THIS POST IS FROM JULY - I just discovered that it never got posted. So 2 months later here it is.

It's interesting that for the last 3 days we've been riding our motorcycles through zillions of butterflies (a trip through America's heartland "farmlad" on US HWY 36, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana) ... I may get a picture of the front of my bike, it is practically yellow from them - my bike is dark cherry.

This was a heart-felt post, and I didn't post it. I think we had sketchy internet at that rally, and I went on with life not knowing it didn't post.

Woven In - I found 2 mistakes in my weaving 7/23/09

I finally got a good picture of the finished piece.

My first weaving.

What an awesome shop in Bloomington, IN. Yarns Unlimited. You go in use their looms, have an awesome instructor and walla, 4 sessions later - a finished piece.

A butterfly flew right in front of my face again the other day. I was irritated over something and starting to get a little impatient, almost said something ugly to the hubby, and this butterfly was pink, and in my face.

I went to the Port-a-Showers (big brother of the Port-a-Potty).

If this is not a familiar apparatus to you, think, hot sweaty filthy bikers, walking through fields that were cow pastures two days before they arrived, rain every day, drying out sleeping bags, clothes, and tents just in time to crawl in, put in ear plugs to ward off the noise of party goers in the next camp, tent pegs touching yours. Then think generators large enough to power a 16 stall portable shower in a converted semi-truck. Walk into a hall that is just narrow enough for broad shoulders, step into a plastic curtained dressing area with one hook for everything you want to keep dry, and pull another plastic curtain to separate the shower from the dressing area.

Picture hot sweaty steamy high 80's outside, and since the truck driver lives in a barn, the doors to the showers have been left open, so at least high 90's in the porta-showers. This was the beginning of developing the attitude.

And since there were reports of chiggers in the camp, I'm wearing my motorcycle boots to the shower, try putting sock and boots on and drying off in 100% humidity in a 90 degree sweltering shower stall. OK I'm trying to set the scene for this visitation. Before and after shower were really no different, except my sweat smelled cleaner.

Now I look at the wall of the "shower semi-truck" and there in front of me is this beautiful pink butterfly ... it almost looked fake, like it was made from pink lace - I had never seen one like it or probably never will again, and of course I'd never think to carry a camera to a porta-shower.

We have this thing going. A few weeks before my mother-in-law died she showed me a greeting card I had given her years before. It was a photograph the hubby took in Macinaw Island at the butterfly house, mounted into a greeting card size frame. The butterfly is stationed on it's favorite flower, wings full spread. She began to tell me of her love for butterflies. She said that for some reason butterflies always shown up anytime she is having a moment. They reminded her of new life - what God does for anyone who asks. She hung onto the card we sent and had it by her reading chair because there are seasons where butterflies aren't around.

Since her death 2 years ago, God has woven many butterflies into my life. I miss her so much, I've mentioned it before - she was the one who loved my creativity and pushed me forward in my crafts. All of my crafts before her death were just that, little things that brought joy but probably were never used or worn.

I landed on some fibre projects in the process of trying to go forward. Without her input, I really felt deadended. I couldn't even go into a "Yarn Store" because I felt so inferior, and when I looked at finished pieces, I was pushed deeper into the fear of failure.

Now that I've completed some projects, written patterns, designed items, and sold many pieces, I know why she hung onto that photograph, and I know she is still with me in spirit. Her confidence in me was passed forward even without her physical presence today. I'm the elder lady in our family now and I hope to pass along that visitation of an occasional butterfly - new life - hope from above ... what a joy to carry that responsibility. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will fill me with His purpose and allow me to express it - using butterflies if he likes.


My Etsy Store www.bigsis2.etsy.com is back up and running.

I've re-activated my etsy store.


I only have 5 items and a pattern for sale, but there are more items in the works, and I love exploring Etsy, placing items out there and seeing who shows interest. I have a rating of 10 now, which isn't bad considering how seldom I get a chance to list items.


Time to start Knitting and Felting Hats - wow the weather is changing fast.

This hat that I knitted then felted was a pretty simple pattern out of the Vogue Knitting magazine recently. The little belt fits just right, but a little scarf or a bright flower would perk it up too, it is light weight and fits several ladies with all syles of hairdos!! It was a fun project and will be for sale in about a week on my etsy store.


Oh, BOO HOO, I didn't win the competition on my knit felt purse.

Well, my knit felt purse didn't make the final 10, but it is still in the works to be auctioned to help find housing for homeless in Indianapolis through the trusted mentors program.

Check it out.

The picture in my banner above is the purse I submitted.


If you go to the "Bags at the Gala" mine is 2nd Row on the left "Thelma Jane" is what I named it.

I designed it using black wool yarn two strands held together from the base up, then I tucked 10 rows to make the first ledge, changed colors, and tucked and decreased each set of rows. The handle is a two step process. The first is to make a wide strap, knit every row, the second is pick up each stitch along the length with a contrasting color knit first row, tuck next row to make the trim.

People attending the Gala will have the opportunity to buy my bag, and it will still be a contribution to the cause, so I'm honored to be included and proud of the designers that WON!!


My trip to Stormy Acres Alpaca Farm

I wanted to post some pictures of the Alpaca, they really loved the attention. Their coats are so touchable, and they are so gentle, what a great day.

I'm ready to adopt one, for the wool. I made alpaca slippers last winter for one of my sons, the wool is wonderful to work with, and if you get one of these colorful guys, there's no dyeing needed, impressive.

The slippers from last winter


Not Knitting, but thoughts are knit together in my mind.

I found myself thinking about what animals think, while riding my motorcycle across country this week. One thought, a herd of cattle, calves prancing around a group of "teenage"cattle trying to spur on some "tag you're it."

Older cattle laying in the field, watching traffic zip by, and the "teenage" cattle, literally rolling their eyes - that's how I knew they were teenagers. Some kind of large wing, long neck white bird in large flocks, pestering all the cattle to no end. The mom cattle were saying I need a vacation.

Then there was the circling flock of buzzards, above the two-lane, those guys had some road-kill they were snacking on, but they were semi-patiently waiting for traffic to clear so they could dive for another taste, I think they get pretty disgusted with the way traffic is spaced out just right, hindering their meal.

(not my picture)
Today I saw a huge mirage. It looked large enough to have flood warning signs. A semi-truck was in the on-coming lane and I could see it's complete reflection. Awesome view out here on America's 2-lane highway. Maybe I'll do a post on the odors of Americana soon, pee-uuuu!

You can buy this poster.