Knit felt baby booties from Baby Drops.

I found the cutest pattern for baby booties.  I was on a hunt for some "simple" baby booties I could knit or crochet, because for some reason my fingers rebel when I start making tiny pieces.  Oh my goodness, I found a pattern to knit and felt these.  (Yes Jenn, a boy or girl 0-6 months could wear these.)

Enjoy the progression from knit to felt in photos:

I placed the finished piece on a magazine so you could see the size of the item before felting.

Here's the link to the FREE online pattern.

This is what I call "shrinking on purpose."  Too fun.  The soles are 3.25" long.  That's baby shoe size 0 to 1.5 (yeah!) 0 to 3 months - but getting them wet and stretching them they may go as big as 4".  So cute.

Buy the knit felt handbag pattern at 80% off on Etsy.

I'm so honored to be the 1st ever Spotlight interview at Squidoo, for their So Crafty on-line magazine.

A few years ago, I set a goal to get published.

Yes, I was published once in a weekly magazine, called the Pentecostal Evangel.  A copy of that article can be found here.

So, today, because I not only have several articles published on Squidoo, but also because the article that launched  me into the "spotlight" is about knitting and felting purses, I have offered my $4.99 pattern for these purses on Etsy for $.99, when you mention Squidoo in the comments at checkout.

That's an 80% savings!

This pattern is for sale on Etsy for $4.99. Step-by-step knit and felt handbag.   


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I you would like to receive this .pdf pattern for $.99 to print and keep, order below. When you checkout, there is a comment section. Tell me you found it on Squidoo and I'll refund $4.00 when I email the pattern for your use.

PATTERN for the Glistening Starry Sling Knit Felt Bag | Price: $5

This is a pattern. I will email the .pdf file to you once I receive your payment. I'll send a test email to make sure your email does not reject... ORDER HERE

Remember the code for your $4.00 refund is SQUIDOO.  Just say you found me on Squidoo in the comment when you checkout.

I'll email your pattern once I see the payment.  I'll refund you which happens as soon as I see the order, then the .pdf is yours.

If you can knit you can make these purses. Step-by-Step how to knit and felt a purse

If you cannot knit, there are amazing online videos at knithelp.com and on YouTube that teach you to knit.


Social media and me, a plain ordinary knitting grandma.

Funny, strange, weird, normal, I don't know how to categorize myself.

I have gotten so enmeshed with social media and search engines.  I actually have earned nearly $100 recently just from Amazon sales and Ads that run on my articles.

It is exciting to know that out of millions of blogs and online articles, spouting their expertise on everything from homemade doggie treats to how to grow Kentucky blue grass, I've made a small mark.

It all started with this blog here on Blogspot.  I learned how to write online, learned some HTML, experimented with adding modules, included interested readers inviting them to "follow" my posts, and have met a lot of interesting people that I now follow.  This blog is "connected" or backlinked to several web pages.

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A year ago I discovered Squidoo, the place to write articles online, each article, called a lens, is a stand alone blog.  I now have 66 of them.

Many of the lenses I write are related to my knitting and felting, but other topics include my faith, my life story, our travels and various assorted interesting topics.

Please feel free to go to this link and see where I've been since April 2011.  And if you choose to join me on Squidoo, I'd so appreciate it if you would use this link to join.  It's free, and you have a personal coach that steps you through the entire process, writing online.

Click here to see some of my great articles I've created over the last 10 months.


My latest lens has many photos or watercolors I've painted with scripture quotes.  Here are a few samples just in time for Easter.

You can buy this poster.