Knitting, Starting Over, and Knitting Needle Woes!

Probably sounds like some pretty sad complaints compared to what some people are dealing with today, but I'm beginning to think there is something I'm supposed to be learning from STARTING OVER!!

Now, I got on a forum, called www.knittinghelp.com/forum, and followed all the threads that pertained to knitting socks, knitting with circular needles, circular needles that are interchangeable, choices of needle tips, etc. Don't know if I would've bought the needles I bought if I'd known about this forum. Also, don't know if I'd be knitting such a detailed item (for the granddaughter) if I hadn't read and re-read and started over so many times on patterns that confounded me last year, I'm a determined little creature, kinda like when I learned to ride a Motorcycle. Only my life depended on listening to instructors and paying attention to directions, not like a sweater depends on me thinking clearly.

So here I am in the state of starting over again, thinking of the time I spent making the next very large piece to Aven's cape, and walla, when I started the re-do -- much to my surprise, I had done it WRONG!! YES the sweater would have been WRONG!! If my needles had not failed me IT WOULD BE ALL WRONG all in ONE PIECE AND WRONG - I'd be devestated...I read the pattern wrong, I'm so glad I started over...patience my dear, patience.

And Oh, my gracious, I haven't begun the clogs yet, where does time go when you're having so much fun - TEARING THINGS UP!!

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