Haiti - I've been there and love the people of that Nation.

It is so easy to donate.

A good way to help Haiti is to come up with a plan. No matter how much money you make, you make more than the Haitians. They were needy and in the worst poverty before the earthquake on the 12th of January, 2010.

We have been to the mission Ebenezer Outreach in St Louis du Nord - and to some of their other missions. We have friends who have an orphanage in Port de Paix.

We have been there. Port au Prince is actually the capital city where people who have (had) jobs, homes, electricity, some tv coverage, grocery stores, banks, etc. Just a few miles North and South of the capital city, poverty rules. If you drive the coast around the West to the North coast you find a few port cities like Port de Paix which are also a little more able to survive with supplies coming in and transportation out, some resorts in the area and a few more "conveniences." Although the roads ruin vehicles, fuel comes in sporadically and food consists of very expensive beans and rice.

But the villages off the main ports and roads might as well be in the bush of Africa 100 years ago, without the wildlife, of course, as they all died long ago.

How can you help? Well, I never thought I'd agree with Clinton, but since he and Bush are partnered up, I agree - send cash. Here is a ministry


you can support. There is a quick link to pay on their web page. We know these people personally, have gone into Haiti with them and stand behind their integrity. Larry and Linda are there right now, they went in 2 days before the earthquake, and were supposed to return via Port au Prince yesterday. They are overwhelmed with the needs of the refugees from the quake. Money sent to their account will be wired to their mission.

Our friends in Port de Paix have orphanages, their link to donate is http://lfmintl.com

Give up one meal of eating out and send it to the Haitians, quit cokes for a month and send the money to Haiti. Do something.

Missionaries, humanitarians, governments, caring people have poured their lives into Haiti, now they are on the brink of destruction, God HELP Haiti!

Pray and give, putting feet on your prayers.

You can buy this poster.