One of my knit felted purses, custom ordered. Almost finished with needle felting the Rose.

Purse 1 - knit felt, with needle felted rose. This is made in a heather pink with burgandy stripes knit into the fabrick.

I sold this purse last week, and got 4 purse orders by leaving the sold purse on my display table.

The purse below is my newer version of Purse 1.

The order was for a lighter pink with texture (and of course another needle felted Rose).

The Rose needs a little touch up and the grommets need to be added for the strap and walla, a duplicate, in lighter pink. I discovered a new method with this purse. I knit together wool, alpaca and acrylic yarns throughout! The acrylic yarn didn't felt, and that is what makes the nubbies all over the purse. Here's a close-jup pic of the knit piece before felting.

The Light Pink is Alpaca
The darker Pink is wool, and the white with pastels is Acrylic - I'm always amazed at how felting blends to colors ... love experimenting with this, out of over 40 items I've made I've only had one flop (I didn't know I wasn't using wool yarn for a large part of the item, bummer)


konagirl said...

Aloha from Hawai'i! I'm also a knitting/felting freak. Have knitted/felted about 30 bags so far. What a lovely bag you've created! -FloJo

M-I-L said...

Thank you FloJo. I finished it today, had to put some gold highlighting in the rose to make it pop out (3D effect). Have you tried needle felting yet? It really changes up the bags.

I taught my sister to knit, then I taughter her feltign and she is making hats like crazy!! It is addictive and so rewarding. Thanks again,

Cranberry Morning said...

That is a gorgeous bag! I'm so excited to be working on my first felted bag. I hope it turns out okay, for I'd love to make more - and hope they could be as nice as that one! I have friends who do needle felting, so I should be able to get pointers from them. Beautiful!!

M-I-L said...

Glad you like it. Thanks. When you're ready to needle felt let me know. The most important thing is to keep your fingers away from those needles - yikes!!

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