OK - Now I'm upset. My Needles Failed Me!

It takes a lot of time to make a very detailed item. The little poncho/cape Saige, by Berroco, was moving along quite well. I was using Boye interchangeable needles, circular needles to make the "Wings" of the cape. After about 2" into the wing suddenly the joint of the interchangeable needle caught my yarn, the stitches wouldn't slide on the needles and I had to TAKE OUT ALL OF THE STITCHES, on the wing, and now I'm needle shopping. The piece is so long, 28" that it takes the circular needles to hold all the stitches, but I'm really thinking about extra long size 2, strait needles. I'm disappointed because I feel like I wasted most of my day on this today, taking out stitches, and trying to fix my needles. Bummed.

OK Tomorrow - Needle Shopping, I'm not quitting on this project.

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