Tomorrow my etsy business, my knit and felt bags will be featured on Etsy in the SHOWCASE under Bags and Purses. I'm so excited. They only list 16 at a time. And it's all day. Of course I paid a small fee for this service, but hey, i gotta be noticed, gotta sell some bags.


OK I'm Convinced - Etsy is Relatively Unknown at this Point

BUT - it was mentioned in Parade magazine on Sunday 11/23/08 ... this should be good for business.

What do people search for the most on Etsy? I wonder if there's a way to know. Oh well, hope I get some extra buyers since they (we) were in a national article.


Hmmm. http://www.bigsis2.etsy.com/ (that's my store)

I'm on Half.com now

In addition to Etsy.com and Ebay.com I've joined Half.com

http://www.half.com/ my store is jcsgrbr. I'm selling the whole library one book at a time, till I get sick of it then I'm hauling them to goodwill. We really have some awesome books listed.

thanks for lookin

My Etsy Hobby

I guess it is just a hobby.

I thought it would be a small business, and maybe it will be someday, but for now, till I get this shipping thing down pat, I'm definately spending more money than receiving.


I did just sell a book on Etsy - a How to Macrame' book that has been mine since new...1970's. I made so many items out of this book, I almost hate to part with it, but this fits with our cleaning out the library pledge ... and fits on Etsy's VINTAGE listings.

So, it went to a sweet lady named Lynda in the U.K. Once we settled I was going to make 3 or 3 dollars. WHOA!! I spent 2.50 for it new. Oh well, I could count the number of moves this book has made with me. I certainly got my use out of it. But man it's hard to part with it. Lynda, I hope this inspires you for many moons.

Judy - Parting with my Macrame' Book - it's all just stuff!!


Can't Keep Knitting Like This

I heard a great song the other day called "Slow Fade." It referred to compromising beliefs, but really applies to all of life and it's choices and the ways we cope under stress. My slow fade is a great hesitancy to get terribly excited about things as I know I'm facing a loss ... dumb I know but the ache ain't improving with time. No, I don't think I'm depressed, and no, I don't think I'm backslid, Christians love with so much passion that disappointment requires a lot of energy to process.

I've proven to myself that my knitting is therapy. I've started to pace myself. I have certain lists, to-do-lists that must be accomplished before I allow myself to knit. But, I also lay down the list when I feel like this. I'm so focused on my brother-in-law and sister who are hurting so badly right now, that I can pray for them while I knit, I can make something "Special Request" for my niece, I feel like I'm doing something productive in this void called "Wait."

So - I'm up at 4 AM knitting - checking my etsy store and watching the bids on my ebay store - knitting - pacing, praying, ... coffee is ready ...


Knitting Along and Starting Over - OK THIS ONE IS DEEP (no apologies)

After driving 10 hours to my sister's house, getting unpacked (relatively) and assessing the situation in the home, I sat down to "chill." I wasn't going to knit unless there were long periods of time, of waiting, or being quiet in my "back room." But Big Sis insisted on getting out the needles and string, so there we were late into the evening knitting, crocheting combining yarns, showing finished projects, pulling out pictures of the next patterns in our collective creative libraries, and a certain calm settles in the room. The chaotic existence we call life is on pause.

Big Sis is on the brink. Her hubby has a life threatening disease. He's currently in severe pain and unable to eat solid food or tolerate very many liquids, he isn't thriving and an air of sadness and finality looms.

She wanders from necessity to desire and back, like a squirrel trying to choose which nut to store for the inevitable winter, then she pauses, and remembering her plight and spews out the great questions of life. She has a certain peace and it shows up in every conversation, but it's layered with the unknown, the obvious, underlined by the occasional moan from the other room ... grief has already gripped this sweet little cabin called home, and the newest question is, "Is God preparing me for the pain to come, or is Satan robbing me of what I've treasured for so long?


I heard a sermon on the radio in the car on the way here, as I played bumper cars with the semi-truck drivers on the interstate. The message narrowed life down to 2 questions asked in the Bible. One, Jesus asked, "Who do they say I am?" The other question people asked when they personally encountered Jesus, "What must we do?"

In the face of crisis, I believe we go back to our own personal "experience" quicker than we digress to grass roots "faith." But after exploring our options we end up heavier on faith, knowing that experiences may be carrying us like a trusty old ox cart on a bumpy pitted road ... we can get into the cart and ride it awhile, but the road has changed since the last time, and it's probably a different ox doing the pulling. I'm thankful for the experiences that have made me who I am, but I'm looking to a God who NEVER CHANGES ...

BUT FAITH - wow, it never changes, other than maybe deepening, strengthening, encouraging, and defining ...

As I knit along, and talk, and tear out all the work I just started, I look across the room at my Big Sis and say to her how pretty and peaceful she looks. She smiled and thanked me and said she needed sister time to get things into perspective. I'm so grateful that I am able to jump in the car and travel the distance, drop out of my life and land into hers for awhile. I'm good with starting over ... God is in the suffering for sure - giving grace and peace and comfort. I'm looking for HOPE to fill this home, and our sweet extended family in the next few months.


Knit and Felt Purses go to an Arts and Crafts Show

What a day. I displayed 6 of my purses/bags at a church craft show, and sold one. I met so many neat people. People who knit, people who used to and people who want to. It was amazing how many conversations I had with ladies who could only knit the occasional scarf, and complained about how uneven the rows were. I hope to encourage them to KEEP KNITTING. These bags really looked great on display, the pic doesn't do them justice.

I encouraged several ladies to get their items on Etsy too. I hope they look into it, because Etsy can really boost their business. I'm pretty worn out, but thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with my lil' sis, helping her with her booth and showing my product.


I'm IN PRINT!! Knitting and Felting Pattern is listed on Etsy

I acutally finally posted my PATTERN on Etsy. I'm a little nervous. Can't wait for someone to buy the pattern, make a Computer Bag, Felt it and send me a picture. I know small things really excite me. But hey this makes me a cheap date (wherever that saying came from) or easy to please.

I've been so busy making 3 more bags that I've gotten away from my blog for awhile. BUT THEY ARE OVER THE TOP PRETTY and will be on Etsy Sunday if they don't sell at the St. Marks Church Christmas Craft sale in Indianapolis this weekend.

My younger sister and I are taking all of our "creations" to the sale, so my Etsy store will be on vacation for Saturday. (Back in business when I get back if I have items left to sell.)

Thanks for lookin' - here's a picture of my posting: Go to www.BigSis2.etsy.com to buy a $5.00 copy and it'll be emailed to you, I'll answer your questions about the pattern and would love to see your finished product. In fact I'll post it here!!

You can buy this poster.