Hits, Visits, Pages, Unique Visits, Blogs, Bloggers all that stuff.

I didn't know any of these terms till about 18 months ago. A hit meant something totally different growing up with sisters, you ducked. A hit when I was caught up in the 60's and 70's hippie stuff meant something totally different. Visits on the other hand meant quick clean up the house, company is coming. Unique is a word I had to define in a verbal spelling quiz when I was in grade school (that's elementary school now - I think)...my definition was "one in a million." I spelled it right!! Bloggers woulbe be right up there with cloggers or people who danced but were blogged down about some crazy thing so their metabolism was sluggish ... I don't know. But the first few Blogs I remember ready were so heady and technical, I was searching in all the wrong places, probably designing a web page, that I though Blogging was going to only be for executives, white collar people, (heard of green collar people?), whatever happened to the collar anyway.

So now that I've defined my dilemma, I'm saying all that to say this. I really enjoy having a blog. I have officially went over 20,000 hits to my web page I average 430 some hits a week, and get unique visits over 15 a day, people look at more than just my current post, they go through several pages

The most common hit to all of my posts is the i-cord instructions. I-Cord, that is a chinese rope, sortof, a way of knitting a strong cord with yarn, the process is pretty simple, cast-on 5, *slip all the stitches to the left needle, knit 5 repeat from the asteric. But ths is the most common inquiry, how do do this process.

I may have to do a video of the process, so people don't have to guess how to, when they start researching it. I use i-cord straps on 90% of my purses I make. Check out my youtube video to the right.

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