An Amazing Memorial Service and Can BLOGS be prophetic?

He was honored well. December 2007 when we found out about Norman's Pancreatic Cancer, we were devastated, just the odds, the treatments ahead of him, the fact that he was 6 months away from retirement, he had just lost a lot of weight, lookin' good for 63, and about the celebrate his 42nd anniversary. He started surgeries, medications, chemo, and radiation, more surgeries. His entire year was wrapped around appointments, and even though he improved, had a few hunting and fishing trips, a trip to Florida with my sis, and a trip to Alaska with his brothers and wives, he really had very few consecutive days of feeling well. But he was still smiling, loving on his wife and family, and meeting with people he mentored, worked with and loved, up until a few days before he passed. January 4th we got the call, and headed that way.

The memorial was so amazing, they had to turn down offers for people to speak or show video of couples and young men that Norman had mentored, poured his life into helping them live for God. The Pastor said they could have honored him all day long with testimonies of how he touched people's lives. There were at least 4 pastors in the service, a brother gave an incredible testimony, and read Karen's writing about her Norman, then my hubby did the graveside service, beautiful.

There were about 350 people at the viewing and probably at least 650 at the funeral ... he was so loved and respected.


Last year when I started this blog, I thought I could encourage my sisters to take up knitting and that we would be documenting our progress through the year. I got busy knitting and felting, Karen got focused on caring for Norman, and Barb fit her new knitting skills around work and a new grandbaby and her hubby. Here's the prophetic part, in case you forgot, I saw the three of us knitting together (across the miles) comparing notes, starting Etsy stores, etc. Guess what, I was with my two sisters in a yarn shop the other day (the day after the funeral) and Karen signed up for a knitting class. We picked out some yarn, and did a lot of little mini-classes throughout my visit, she's excited and so are Barb and I. We look forward to many months or years of 3 Knitting Sisters, we're thinking of naming our Craft Fair Booth just that!!

Have you discovered KNITHELP.COM?

I'm very tired, (started knitting a cape size 2 - beautiful in a kindof '70's hippie kindof way). Groovy

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