Knit felt baby booties from Baby Drops.

I found the cutest pattern for baby booties.  I was on a hunt for some "simple" baby booties I could knit or crochet, because for some reason my fingers rebel when I start making tiny pieces.  Oh my goodness, I found a pattern to knit and felt these.  (Yes Jenn, a boy or girl 0-6 months could wear these.)

Enjoy the progression from knit to felt in photos:

I placed the finished piece on a magazine so you could see the size of the item before felting.

Here's the link to the FREE online pattern.

This is what I call "shrinking on purpose."  Too fun.  The soles are 3.25" long.  That's baby shoe size 0 to 1.5 (yeah!) 0 to 3 months - but getting them wet and stretching them they may go as big as 4".  So cute.

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