Knitting From a Pattern and Knitting on the Net and another RESOLUTION I forgot.

*See Picture Explanation Below

I think I like using a pattern, and I've recently written down some of my successful designs, and now the pattern I mentioned in my last post, is proving to be very easy to follow and a beautiful piece.

The problem with the less expensive yarn I bought was that the ply's separated, I would knit a stitch and the needle would go between the threads and make a really ugly stitch. Plus the stitches are so small (size 2) needle, that it didn't show up as a problem until I turned my work, then I was tearing it out. Now I've knit the left side of the front of the poncho and have started on the right side. The pattern is easy to follow, and although there are one zillion teeny tiny stitches each one is a joy, just watching the colors blend is incredible. Can't wait for the finished project. Our schedule really picks up here in a few weeks but this will be with me in the saddle bags of my bike on the overnight trips so that I can knit at least 1-2 hours each evening.

Now about Knitting on the Net. It is such a cool site. They list free patterns, just about every kind you can imagine, and I in my enthusiasm contacted Barbara the lady who is "knitting on the net" I wanted to list a pattern on her site, she suggested I come up with a different one than the one I'm selling on Etsy, so I'm really inspired to get more of my patterns in writing.


I'm gradually coming out of a funk, kinda got hit off guard doing the grieving thing for my sis and missing my brother-in-law. I kinda thought that distance had made us not so close and that I would handle this thing a little better, but it hit me so hard I couldn't talk without crying, dog gone it. I know he's in a better place, and I know Karen will be going on with her life with lots of support and all, but I ache all over for her. She is a super fun person, and has always been a great supporter of us ... always had positive input ... and such a good listener. I'm so thankful she's surrounded by GREAT friends. The distance thing JUST HURTS.

Did I mention I hate CANCER? Just heard that Steven Jobs is stepping down from Apple, he thought he beat Pancreatic Cancer, but complications ....

*** Evidently sometime back I mentioned to my Lil' Sis that I eventually want to design something that ends up in the "goody bags" of the stars at an awards ceremony. That is still a goal and I neglected to put it in my New Year's Resolution, Oh, bother.

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Julie said...

Just wanted to send good thoughts your way. Can't wait to see the poncho.

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