My Design - Iguana Fingerless Gloves

I just finished the neatest pattern.  My design of course.

The pattern uses sock yarn, and I knit lengthwise rather than in the round.  I knit and purl a ribbing for the length, then decreased just enough to gather the ribbing, and knit the pattern until it was 7" wide.  A thumb hole is formed 1/3 down the side seam using a cast off and cast on on consecutive rows (like a large button hole).

The gathered ribbing stands straight out to the side and gives the fingerless gloves a ruffle along the outside of the wrist and hand, or switch hands and they can be worn with the ruffle on top up the center of the hand.

My Prayer Reminders

Prayer Reminders.  I like pausing and speaking a prayer for certain people, and I have so many prayer reminders throughout daily chores.

I guess this makes me objective. It is objects that cause me to pause to pray.

For instance, every time I load my dishwasher I'm reminded of something funny my Mother always says, "Don't let the spoons nest."  If they go into the dishwasher and stack together they won't get washed.  So loading the dishwasher always brings her to mind, a time to pray.  She's 84, being treated for Multiple Myeloma and Macular Degeneration, so she can certainly use the prayers.

When I'm ironing the hubby's shirts I'm reminded of a friend who had a deep hate for starched creases in clothing; comes from her days as a military child.  Each time I make a heavy starched crease I whisper a prayer for her.

The water in our town isn't the tastiest, so I filter it at the faucet and again in a pitcher that has replaceable filters.  A friend, raising 5 kids, also filters her water in the same way, but she never had room in the refrigerator for the pitcher, so she added ice cubes to the pitcher and kept it on the counter for easy access.  I fill my pitcher several times a day which causes me to think of her a lot, so she gets lots of prayers.

Riding down the highway this time of year the Sunflowers are stretching their faces to the sun as we pass.  I want so bad to be on the side of the sun, but it seems we're always going East to West, I love it when they turn their faces toward us.  It reminds me of God turning His face towards me when I have a need for strength or wisdom.  My brother-in-law really likes Sunflowers, too., so he gets my prayers when we see a field of them.

My sister really struggles with a low self esteem.  She is very creative.  So, anytime I come up with a unique design when I'm knitting or weaving, I think of her and whisper a prayer that she will gain confidence and others will help her realize how talented she is.  I'm so proud of her.

(Remember - I taught her how to knit - now she's way passed me up in skill.)


A Brief Visit With My Sister

I could probably count on both hands the number of times I've gotten together with my older sister since she left home to marry Norman nearly 45 years ago.  Last weeks brief encounter, we were both traveling in the same area of the country, and found we were 90 miles from each other.  Made arrangements for a brief layover on her part.

I'd have to say that she is always a part of my day, though.  My sisters and I were never estranged, only separated by marriage and child raising.  Anytime we are together there are so many memories there isn't enough time.  And if one has issues, the other is the best listener in the world.  I think that is why I so treasure my "sisters" in life that God has sent me throughout the years.  I have them in several places.  They aren't my big sister, but they, combined, each step in to fill the gap and bring peace where she cannot.

A few years ago, my older sister and I found out we were real close again on one of our trips and her weekend get-away with Norman.  She was bringing our parents to Branson, and we were there for ministry.  We met for a day, and the ladies shopped, the hubbies sat on benches and talked.  We were in a kitchen supply store and I was trying to decide on a set of silverware for our camper.  The men all walked in, and I was ready to pack it in, because it meant they were either done, hungry or lonely for us, so I turned to my hubby and said I was checking out this silverware here - look it has a rack to hang all the pieces, accessible in the trailer.  He said it was sharp looking.  and Norman said, "Hey, if it's something you like, it's unique, and it's something you will use - don't pass it up, who knows if you'll find it again when you walk away from here."

I bought it.  We use it everyday we're in the camper, and I think of my sweet Norman everyday.  He passed January '09, but it is a reminder of him and his sweet nature, and my amazing sister who is hurting, lonely, but growing, healing and changing before my eyes.


Feeling a little better about the Master Knitting.

I quit knitting.

Well, I quit knitting my "SWATCH Lessons" for the Master Knitting program, and took some time off and designed the neatest Wrist Warmers, with a thumb hole and cable.

I've written the pattern. 

Problem is, I used the Cascade 220 Wool that I bought for my lessons.  No big deal, just have to find a yarn store that sells it and pick up more in pastel colors.  I've actually finished lessons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 14 ... but I'm planning on buying new yarn and doing them all again.  Now that I've made a piece using all the stitches in the lessons, I'm ready to KNIT FOR CLASS!!

Not quite as discouraged now.

You can buy this poster.