What happened to October 2009? and Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery.

Wow, what a month.

I've hardly touched my needles. I'm about to take a purse off the needles, and I'm carrying a purse that I knit, then wove (on my new loom) the handle for the purse. I used two identical belts and removed their buckles to attach a woven strap. It turned out very nice.

The one I'm knitting now is cammo colors. Brown, tan and olive green, very nice. It's also large.

The month was filled with phone calls to our supporting churches and friends, designing and sending a newsletter, nearly a week with our wonderful grandchildren, and several meetings and church services at a supporting church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The area reminds us a lot of Waveland, MS after Katrina hit in 2005. Last June when floods were ravaging our little community of Martinsville, IN, Cedar Rapids, Iowa had the river overflow and destroy so many homes and businesses, it's amazing how well they are doing.

I try to keep my blog current and tell what is going on in our lives, but sometimes it has to take it's place in the background while life carries us.

We are so privileged to serve as missionaries to Bikers, traveling the US, churches in 22 states support us, and the events and church services always offer new friends, people who pray for us and stay in touch to encourage us. We are two very blessed people with an incredibly supportive family. Who could ask for more.


I bought a styrofoam head at Sally to display my Knit Felt Hat! But the Hat sold before I got a picture of it on the display!!

Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I made a sale!! I had communicated with a lady in Canada about my Felted Fedora last month, but never heard from her. Today she emailed - and said it's snowing in Calgary, and bought my hat. (Sold on Etsy www.bigsis2.etsy.com)

You're reading about a "happy camper." That was my first successful felted Fedora Hat!!

Now I'm listing several other items. I'm pleased. Thank you Daria!! Stay Warm.


Email me and I'll send you this FREE Pattern for this purse. Knit and Felt this bag.

This one is my design. Very nice.

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To receive this free pattern, email me by commenting on this post.

This is a drawstring bag about 11 " high the base is highlighted with a ribbing and trim, the top opening has the same trim effect. The cords pulled tight close the bag. The i-cord I used for the drawstring is sturdy and long enough to carry on a shoulder.

I will email the pattern to anyone who requests it. It is a knit and felt pattern. I made this one out of about 200 yards of red 100% Wool yarn and 300 yards of Blue 100% Wool yarn that was "Up-Cycled" from a designer sweater, I bought the year online from www.yarnagain.etsy.com
my favorite yarn store on Etsy.

I will send the pattern in a .pdf format for you to print and keep.

Super simple, enjoy.


One of My Goals in 2009, GET PUBLISHED!!

Well, again it isn't what I planned, but I did get in a magazine.

Back in January, when I was listing all my goals for 2009, one of them was to be published in a magazine, actually, to have one of my patterns that I've designed published.

Well, today, the hubby was reading a motorcycle magazine and came across a picture of me in the magazine.

I've been published.

I know it's not 100% my goal, but I'm claiming it because this year didn't exactly turn out to be 100% what I planned, so I'm grabbing whatever I can get.

The magazine is: the BMW ON (Owner's News) magazine. I'm in a picture volunteering at the Cyber Cafe - helping people get on-line to catch up on emails at the rally.

You can buy this poster.