Knitting and Improvising

Let me preface this by saying that I did follow the pattern to a tee "t" on this one:


But, the neat little handbag I'm finishing is my design. I decided to start out with an extra long base, then began working the height of the bag about 8 rows in on each side, leaving some base outside the bag. This will be brought up the side on either side and sewn as a cell phone and keys pocket on either side. I'll draw a picture, as I haven't felted it yet!!

OK, I'm going to go figure out a way to draw this pattern, and get back to this topic. New computer has me baffled. OK there, basically once I felt this, I'll be sewing the little tabs on either side, up the sides. Pictures to come later ... and if my notes are accurate enough this may be my first printed pattern. LOVING IT STILL!!

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