She Got It!!

Andrea received the sweater. And she loves it. And it fits. Not bad for across the miles, huh?
Andrea you rock! I have never known such an awesome Mom and wife.

I have 3 projects in the works. One is for Aven (again). I found the neatest book for little girls and their dolls (matching outfits) the smallest pattern size is 2, she'll be two someday (next January). But I'm already thinking Christmas 2008, Baby's first Christmas (with us - she's adopted from Guatemala and had her first Christmas there with her adoptive family- our son and daughter-in-law and 4 grandsons, but we missed it ... and had a late Christmas instead, saw it all in photos though and talked on Christmas day over the miles.)
One I mentioned in an earlier post for our friend who has a son in Iraq, and the other is for ?
Maybe it's a random knit of kindness.

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