Rain, Rain, Rain

It seemed like a good plan, and a convenient design. I bought a "tank bag" to put on my gas tank on my motorcycle. It's convenient because I can put my purse in there, and grab the charge card for gas fill-ups without digging through on of my side bags.

See: http://3knittingsisters.blogspot.com/2008/05/vietnam-veterans-and-their-memorial-day.html

This is my bike at the bottom of the post.

The plastic top of the tank bag slopes down and hits me about waist high when I'm riding. Under the zippered opening I can place a map or directions to our next stop. WELL - the slope is the design issue.

Guess where the water goes when it rains. Since it slopes down at my waist, and my seat is the only place it has to go, in a downpour I might as well jump in a lake, couldn't get any wetter. Of course this had to be experienced to be discovered!! I'm a little tired of rain, but so thankful we didn't have the flood damage in our home that so many did in our area.

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