Another Felted Purse

OK, now I'm really feeling dumb. I took pictures of this purse in progress, and it was a unique design at that, but I stuck it in the mail to my friend who took me shopping (as a surprise) and didn't get a pic of the finished project ... this is becoming a pattern for me.

Ok, this is the bag in grey and black, upside down, drying from felting. the 4 tabs are knit, felted belt loops. Picture this. I made an extra long strap, just like all of the other bags I've don so far, but instead of using grommets to weave the straps onto the bag, I sewed the straps, (one on each side of the bag) to the inside of the bag and at the same time sewed the "belt loops" to the outside, just down from the top edge and evenly spaced on the sides. Then I sewed a giant snap in the middle (inside) for closure. When I was done I found a grey and black (and shades of tans and gold) long scarf, fed it through the belt loops around the bag and tied it with a silver scarf clip ... beautiful. I hope she likes it. The purse can be carried without a scarf, with any color scarf - it's awesome, maybe I can get her to send me a pic of her with it ????

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