Gasoline in the USA

There are places to go on-line and check out the cost of gas in the area where you live or are traveling. I guess if I was commuting I would plan my trips back and forth going past the area that would save me a few bucks a day because that would be as much as $500.00 a year, literally. That's a great Christmas Savings if I bank it. BUT, if I go out of my way to get that few dollars, then spend it in the convenience store on a soda or cup of coffee ... I'm being a little hypocritical, or living in denial.

If I go out and buy a high mileage vehicle and pay $22,000 for it to get an additional 12 mpg out of it, is the $199.00 a month for a new car payment for 6 or 7 years reall a savings???? It's a funny thing. I've decided to take my extra savings from not driving, but riding my motorcycle, and spend it on felted handbags, purses, etc. Sell them on ETSY, and keep the money for Christmas gifts for the grandkids. I'm converting my gas to Christmas gifts in this fashion. If the purses don't sell, I'll still spend money on gas, and on the kiddos!!

Grandkids rock ... my fuel expenses won't effect my love for them one iota, even if I have NO MONEY.

Just ramblin' now.

Gotta go, start on my next purse. Check out http://www.cockrumfamily.blogspot.com/ to see those great kiddos.

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trey said...

You are right...

Your grandkids rock!!


We miss you both...

Me and us

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