Starting a Business/Giving Gifts and DIGITAL PHOTOS

I really have a goal of starting a business with these bags I'm designing, but so far each item I've made has become a personalized gift. I know, I know, I'm better off selling the patterns, so I'm keeping track of all the changes I'm making to existing patterns, to put them into a little ebook, I even have a cover design in the making for my first pattern book.


But progress is slow as far as documenting each item, tracking the changes I make to patterns to make them unique, and getting pictures along the way is my weakness.

The hubbies most recent digital camera makes me crazy. I cannot take a picture without the old hands shaking, so each pic is a major blur ... this slows progress on pic taking, I also had hoped to do videos of my work, but I found great videos of knitting on-line. I'm well on the way to setting this all up, it really is coming together....look out ETSY here I come!

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