THIS IS INTERESTING - handmade embellisments for my Felted Purses

I'm starting a new craft when I'm anchored (this would be when in the house with a foundation vs. the house with wheels).

The craft is Polymer Clay ... yep, little sis3, I've finally done all the reading I plan to do and all the supplies are collected, including the oven for baking my wares, and I'm so ready to start making my faux stones.

This will be some of the embellishments that I'm putting on the felted bags, so they will be photographed for my pattern book in time. May take pics of the entire process.

The last bag I felted turned out much smaller than I thought it would - but I left it in the washer a little longer than others - this is strange, I knit it with one-strand of the yarn throughout, which all of my others I've held two strands together - they started out with a pretty tight weave, so my thinking was felt for a longer period of time since the one-strand item was such a loose pattern before felting - but N0-0-0-0, did they mention that in the directions???

Hm-m-m I think I winged that one, (creativity ringing in), so now I have a slightly different shape item than the one in the pic. don't know if I have nerve to show the pics - it is actually much shorter than the pattern pic. Oh, well, or Oh well,

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