I cannot follow patterns to a "T."

I think it may be rebellion. I get the pattern, count the number to cast onto the needle, measure like a true trooper till I've counted, measured and matched the pattern to my liking, then I bust out on my own, to make it my unique design. If it doesn't turn out I call it rebellion gone wrong, if it looks pretty daggone good, I call it CREATIVITY!!

Love it.

When they don't turn out, the gift is given anyway because it's the gift that counts, right?

see this blog post http://3knittingsisters.blogspot.com/2008/02/i-suppose-progress-on-andreas-sweater.html

I'm good now!!

If it turns out, it's good, if it doesn't turn out, I've learned so much in the process and the next item will GAIN from my rebellion, er, creativity.

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