Desktop Publishing

Why would I put an article about Desktop Publishing on a knitting blog?

It's pretty simple. If I'm going to do an ebook in the near future, then I must get going on designing my book. Perfect.

I think I'll be using Word, which I really do not like, I prefer MS Publisher for this type of work, but I have the ability to change Word to a .pdf file and don't have that luxury with MS Pub.

Word does something weird with documents, when you save them then re-save them it permanently attaches the files to each other and loses documents if you move them internally into other folders, I think because I'm an old DOS operator, used to moving my files when I want where I want them, I don't care for software that thinks for me...it makes me double-think.

But I'm on the downhill side of the learning curve for Word, so I think I'll be settling for it's quirkiness.

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