Progress on the Sweater I'm Knitting

I suppose the progress on Andrea's sweater should be reported. The back is done, the front right panel, and the front left panel, finished, the trim up the front completed, the sleeves are knitted, the shoulder seams are sewn, and the collar is 4/5 tackled. In a few days I'll be backstitching the side seams and blocking a total sweater.

Let's talk about the fear of failure (FOF). I have never knit a garment, before the one I made for my first granddaugther AVEN, last year. I've made several ridiculously misshapen throws and blankets for the grandsons, and one for Andrea a few years back ... and several scarves over the years. Last year I made a sweet shawl for Andrea, trying my luck at the cable stich and blocking.
This project went pretty well, but just before I finished it I put it down and QUIT. It was so misshapen and ugly I actually had a panic attack, because I had spent so much time on it and now needed a gift for her. But my hubby, so supportive, challenged me to finish it and research how to reshape it. I learned blocking on-line, and to my surprise it was beautiful. It was made with Simply Soft yarn - really great yarn to work with.

I have incomplete projects in WalMart bags in the closet, and finally released all of my scrap yarn to my younger sis, who is an expert at crafts, especially crochet. Check out her link to the right: B...'s Etsy Store. Beautiful stuff.

Because I recognize my FOF, and one way I chose to overcome it was to give away ugly stuff anyway, and let people ooooh and ahhh over it even though I knew they'd never wear or use it, until one day, I made Zane, grandson #3 (now 5), a banky, and low and behold, it went everywhere with him ... this Mamaw was so honored and

encouraged. A pic of him on our dining room floor, Christmas '05 the loose knit verigated yarn banky in one hand, the fingers and droopy eyes say he's sleepy.

My approach to getting over the FOF was to learn a new stitch or two each year. Here I am today about to finish a real person's sweater only one year after making that deal with myself. FUN.

A few close-up pics of the finished pieces:

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