My favorite knitting needles, needle felting, and a pair of old shoes.

If I could only take one pair of needles with me, when I travel, it would be my wooden size 11 circular needles. I've made purses, hats, scarves, arm warmers, etc. with them. The wood needles work with all types of yarn, including wool, and items end up felting so nice with the larger stitches. I remember when a pattern called for circular needles so I put the pattern back on the shelf at the store, I couldn't imagine how to knit in a circle! I forced myself to learn the technique and came up with an amazing craft.

About the old pair of shoes. They were at the back of the closet. Not really forgotten, 'cause I couldn't make myself get rid of them, but others came along and fit OK, and served their purpose.

It wasn't a special occasion when I bought them, yet, putting them on gave me a sense of "homecoming," something familiar, fond memories of walks, shopping trips, shedding the motorcycle boots after a long days ride, slipping into comfort.

Lots of memories back there in the dark of my closet. So many other items have been pulled from their hiding place - taken to Goodwill.

Finding these shoes reminds me of reuniting with an old family friend last week.

We called her Trish as kids, everyone who knows her now calls her Patti.

I had a new technique I wanted to learn, started asking around, researching, and found out that a family friend from my childhood lives less than 30 miles from me, owns an Alpaca Farm and imagine this, teaches needle felting.

After some emails and planning, we met...
honestly when I saw her face, everything over the last 40 years stepped to my minds background and we were teenagers, pre-teens, little girls, friends, like-family reunited.

There was never a disagreement between us all those years - just "life in-between" knowing each other. How long did it take us to get started seeing the animals, and pulling out the roving for some needle felting - not long at all, it was like we were neighbors who saw each other every day.

I'm excited about what I learned, but more excited about my new-old friendship, kinda like my old comfy shoes, it just fits me right now.

Patti - you rock. THANKS for a wonderful day. What's in our future? I hope to attend some "Wool Gatherings" with her, art fairs and see what all-that is all-about!!

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