Not Knitting, but thoughts are knit together in my mind.

I found myself thinking about what animals think, while riding my motorcycle across country this week. One thought, a herd of cattle, calves prancing around a group of "teenage"cattle trying to spur on some "tag you're it."

Older cattle laying in the field, watching traffic zip by, and the "teenage" cattle, literally rolling their eyes - that's how I knew they were teenagers. Some kind of large wing, long neck white bird in large flocks, pestering all the cattle to no end. The mom cattle were saying I need a vacation.

Then there was the circling flock of buzzards, above the two-lane, those guys had some road-kill they were snacking on, but they were semi-patiently waiting for traffic to clear so they could dive for another taste, I think they get pretty disgusted with the way traffic is spaced out just right, hindering their meal.

(not my picture)
Today I saw a huge mirage. It looked large enough to have flood warning signs. A semi-truck was in the on-coming lane and I could see it's complete reflection. Awesome view out here on America's 2-lane highway. Maybe I'll do a post on the odors of Americana soon, pee-uuuu!

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