Knit and Felt Bags - when are they truly finished?

OK - this is why I didn't want to get into lining bags.

The bag is never "finished."

The bag in my previous post, the hubbie calls it cranberry salad. And yep, the little flecks of orange, and dark red throughout the deep red/burgundy bag kinda looks like a bowl of cranberry salad.

I wanted it to have a fastener because of the wide opening, and I wanted to line it so that it would have a few pockets (because it is deep and wide) and I cannot imagine trying to find my cell phone in a bag this big (full of stuff).

So-o-o I lined it with a great bright swirling fabric, thinking this would be the bag I would try "cut-outs" and make a design so that the lining shows through.

Well, I don't have the nerve to cut the knit felt tapestry bag, I just know I'll mess up.

Next I decided even with the snap closure and the sweet strap fasteners on the sides, taken from belts I purchased at Goodwill, it needed something else.

Thus a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics - and the search for trim. Yes, that's it, remember covered buttons? I covered some buttons various sizes with the lining fabric, excellent.

Sew those details on and it is FINISHED and ready for gifting. Finishing delays the gifting, but I'm glad for the details, it really sharpened the final project. Each piece when I finally call it DONE becomes my favorite - this one truly is, but I wouldn't carry it, where would I carry it?

Hopefully the gift fits the receiver!!


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Traci said...

I love the cranberry salad!!!
love ya

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