So chilly in Sturgis - I'm thinking winter knitting.

It's funny how many spontaneous reunions we have had in Sturgis. Yesterday a younger man came up to get coffee, asked where we are from, and he is from Seymour, Indiana - the hubbies' home town. They knew a lot of the same people including Bruce Springsteen's family members - "Small Town Boy" is written about Seymour Indiana. They knew of a lot of the same people. Today a young man came up who has lived in the town right next to us in Indiana, Mooresville. A man came up while we were doing some extra set-up earlier in the week, he had been to the Johnson City, TN rally we were at a few weeks ago, and we had been camped within throwing distance that entire event. Some weren't surprises, but it was great seeing David and Brenda, a couple who contacted us 6 years ago about our ministry, went through the process of getting approved, getting the financial support and are now set up at Sturgis doing their own ministry.

And of course our friends Mark and MaryAnn walked up at the free bike wash downtown Sturgis. They work this event each year (volunteer) so we had hoped to see them there. Mark has switched loyalties though, he seems to hang out more at the free oil change bay, and MaryAnn is now involved in the kitchen. This is a neat group out of Minnesota that brings volunteers from the area, sets up in a church parking lot and washes bikes for free. They have tons of volunteers that put on the ministry's t-shirt and help out, so everyone working has on matching shirts.

Meguiar's Car Care is set up at Sturgis for the first time - this year, they filmed "Car Crazy" from Sturgis. Barry Mcguiar has been a great friend of our ministry through the years, so neat to see the new line of motorcycle products and their awesome display. Met one of their Event Representatives, Mary, and had a great encouraging conversation yesterday. We love what we do for a living. www.meguiars.com Check out Car Crazy for their new products. WOW.

We stopped in to see the Indian motorcycles and ended up talking to a guy who is organizing a ride to raise the awareness of suicide in youths of America. We ended up praying with him ... what a sweet gentleman.

So chilly and rainy, I'm taking a break from making and serving coffee and starting to knit some wrist warmers. It's a pretty simple pattern I found on-line. I actually made some from this pattern last year, and sold them on Etsy. Pretty simple, but very attractive, only this time I'm making them out of Rowan Felted Tweed, (they won't be felted). Do a Google search on Super Value Wrist Warmers by Bernat, if you want the free pattern you need to register with www.Bernat.com, but that's real simple. Then you can download this pattern. Here's a pic of the ones I made last year.

Super - cannot type and knit - so gotta go. Love knitting on rainy days. me!

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