my dot com back up and working

Wow, a whole week I didn't have my web page www.3knittingsisters.com. Yahoo cancelled it on me. I was perplexed, because it was a new expiration date on my charge card, and an email to an account that I don't use anymore that caused it, but when I went to Yahoo to fix the problem it showed I didn't have an account with them - because they cancelled it.

I went through calling, using their "automated" series of questions on-line, and finally tried to buy back my dot com. When I went through the back door like I was a new customer, through "Go Daddy" got the info - that's pretty cool, you can go to WhoIs and put in the web page and find out who owns it. Funny - it showed that I owned it until July 8 2010. But it wasn't up and running. Yahoo help really stinks. Sometimes it really helps to have someone to talk to - wasted a good 2 or more hours on this total.

I now own www.3knittingsisters.net too, incase someone is looking for me????

Anyway. With that said, now I have some knitting time.

Just finished the gift I'm making, except the embellishments.

Missed seeing Mary in Rochester this year - last year I was just starting to make bags and she suggested I make them with lining and pockets. Guess what Mary - I'm graduating to your higher calling. Love ya girl. (Are you out and about motorcycle camping?)

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