A friend wanted me to post a review of all my bags.

This was my first attempt at making a polymer clay closure that matched the yarn, It turned out great. Also, my I-Cord straps were much chunkier than my first bags. I believe this was my 4 th bag. It was small maybe 10" by 11" high? But very roomy because I made it deep and sturdy with the stronger straps. A gift for Denise.

This laptop sleeve is one of the hardest to capture the colors there is a lot of turquoise in there, but the camera is stubborn on picking it up. It fits an Apple notebook, or small notebook by others usch as HP and Gateway. (still for sale)

This one I called Neopolitan Blended, as it reminded me of neopolitan ice cream stirred up in a bowl. It had a brown tweed felted pocket inside, for small items, sold as soon as it was displayed.

My Warm Tones bag was dsigned as a smaller version of my first Market Bag with the wide bottom tapering up to the opening. This one had a very nice jasper stone I picked up in Tuscon.

Emily's Bag was a gift for Christmas for my Sis's D-I-L. I made the polymer clay closure, thought it turned out real nice.

Sold this on Etisy to a lady in New York City- so much fun.

Mauve handbag is still for sale. I love the simplicity and details on this one, I may keep it for myself. (that would be unique)

When my D-I-L saw this she snagged it. I called it Froo-Froo because it's a little over the top, a unique blend fo yarns some that felt others didnt. It turned out to be a solid fabric, very feminine and unique.

The larger version of the Market bag. Also made as a gift.

Lee Ann's Bag ordered and bought on Etsy. Thank you Lee Ann. I wove the clay strips for a woven look closure - this one was fun. Her order said Mauve, with denim, khaki, and olive, did I do it right?

Candy Corn was one of my first attempts at mixing colors. Burnt Orange and Yellow, with a copper finding. My sis got this one.

This is just a sampling. I think last count was 32 bags.

Now they are evolving and I'm designing some very unique techniques that I've adapted from various resources. I read patterns, and pull the chart or the specialized knitting technique out and place that unique piece into a bag.
Still having fun. me

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