Hail Storm in Sturgis '09

Well, I put on my running shoes and raincoat when the Severe Weather Sirene about 100 yds from our camper started blaring.

I grabbed my cell phone and put it in a pocket, and unplugged the computer, stepped out the door and a icy golf ball fell from the sky and brushed right past my head. Not just the sirens, but the low slow moving black clouds and the pouring rain just across the field from us in the hills drew me outside for a look. But one hail ice ball falling next to me bouncing off the metal steps of the camper and landing to the ground introduced an outpouring of an icy-hail storm that I believe lasted at least 4 - 6 minutes. Wow, the ice was piled up in the bed of our truck. I also taped the storm from another section of our camper, I'll try to download that video too.

Turn your sound on for this video.

We have small tables and chairs set up under a canopy, the red banner on the right of the picture waving in the wind is our ministry banner, you can see the hail against that waving banner. Our entire canopy is listing East, the flag poles are all leaning this morning.

Sitting here listening to stories of people having to get off the road for the storm. We had just returned from a ride in the mountains when the storm siren went off. It was getting dark in that corner of the sky where storms come from here (we've done this 9 years now and there always seems to be at least one bad storm during the event) so I grabbed everything off my bike that I didn't want to get wet. At least this time my bike was protected. The storm we had in April in Phoenix really messed up my bike. That was a "micro burst"

Do a search on micro burst in the upper left hand corner on search this blog to read that story. WILD WEATHER (must be global warming).

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