Bags 2 Riches - watch for a white box!!

Today I mailed it. Wrote my check for the contest application, made up new business cards, looked over the bag one more time, filled it with bubble wrap, put it in a huge zip-lock bag and gently laid it in a box. The post office said it will arrive tomorrow or Monday, priority mail.

I named it Thelma Jane because it had to have a name. I described it as "chunky rows of black wool separated by soft moss, sienna, olive and browns. A wide strap dropping the bag from the shoulder to the underarm with a comfortable fit, a simple statement, "fall into winter."

Here's one more picture of my
contest contribution. If my bag isn't selected as a winner, it will be auctioned at the gala. If it is grand prize there will be pictures, and magazine publications and a cash prize, if it is one of the final 10 runner-ups, it will be modeled in the gala (not by me).

This one is very unique and one of my favorites.

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