When rearranging a room - DO NOT MOVE THE THROW RUG


I just wanted to move my throw rug about 2 feet toward the wall and 3 feet closer to the couch. Centering it under a window (preparing for my 3 boxes from USPS to arrive).

NEVER, NEVER move a throw rug, especially if you have "Off-white" Berber carpet - what were we thinking.

YEP it honestly looks like some one did a pencil outline around the rug, colored the Berber with charcoal leaving the off-white under the throw rug (5' x 8') a nice "remember what the new berber looked like?" rectangle.

The clean space is framed perfectly in a charcoal hue - ground in of course. Now you say, who got that on the carpet? Hm-m-m. Guess I need more throw rugs at the door and in the kitchen.

So-o-o today, I'm carpet cleaning. This machine does wonders, it's like a giant eraser, well almost. I do have to scrub back and forth A LOT, but the line is almost gone.

YUK. I think I need a dark colored carpet that doesn't show dirt so much.

Where is my mailman?

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