Ride a Motorcycle in Sturgis, end up in Wyoming.

Well, nice day for a ride yesterday. Let's do some of the black hills riding, then go to the races, he said. Hmmm, thought we were headed East, but with the afternoon Sun in our eyes everytime we rounded another s curve, we knew something was awry!!

One thing for sure, most bikes were headed the opposite direction. Yes we had the GPS, but we were just wandering.

After a stop for ice tea, we headed a little further, got behind a semi good indication that there was life up ahead. Traffic really thinned out. O.K. turn on the G.P.S. Hmmm. it keeps telling us to turn left (on dirt farm roads) go back, make a u-turn, etc. Our destination about 30 miles from Sturgis, Rapid City Black Hills Race Track.

Sky getting very black 5 pm. Stop again, look at a map (not to scale) ask directions. We are WEST, in Wyoming, I mean way west, but only about 35 miles from the interstate if we keep going North West. I say that to say this. We were gone about 5 hours, and traveled 117 miles. Not bad for a lazy day on the bikes in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Saw an accident, but no-one was hurt bad, other than some egos!!

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