More Butterflies

OK - what a strange week.
subtitled "Divine Appointments for us"

First of all we selected a campground for our overnight in Iowa the first leg of this trip to Sturgis, SD. We chose it from a Camping Directory that is about 3 years old. Called and made reservations.

We arrived, got camp set up and a man walked up to the hubbie and called him by name. He was on Run For the Wall with us this year as one of our volunteers across country. www.rftw.org

We had a little mini-reunion and said to each other - God is so good, that's so neat to run into people we know in unusual places.

Day two. We're packing up camp, I bend over at the waist to rearrange some things, and to pick something up off the ground while I'm down there (this is what older people do - while you're there you take care of other things in the area). I cannot stand back up straight. My back is either locked or my hip is out of joint (which it has been known to do since a bad motorcycle wreck in '97).

I make my way to the truck under the influence of ibuprophen (max dose) and sit there about 2 hour before the pain is so unbearable we decide I should ride in the 5th wheel trailer while going down the road, on the bed on my back, till we can stop, set-up and find a doctor or chiropractor.

2 hours on that bed going down the road, I was in a lot of pain, but I also had fond memories of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez taking a vacation in a camper. All the racket in the camper, honestly, no blinds were swinging, as ours are all cloth pull-down blinds, but the dishes rattling around in the cabinets, there's a distinguished squeak on the mirrored glass closet door, hangers banging against wood in the coat closent, toiletries dancing on the floor of the shower, and pantry items sliding from side to side. At one point a decorative piece fell from the wood trim in the living area, I thought about jumping up and checking it out, but I quickly came to my senses

Besides that, I couldn't jump up.

About an hour after returning to the truck to ride in my normal seat, we had a blow out on the trailer - highway side. We pulled off to the shoulder on the interstate, lots of trim and some wiring were messed up by the flying tread. The hubbie walked to the back of the trailer and a man in a truck had also stopped. He was a Service employee at an RV Dealership nearby. He called some other employees and got our tire changed speedy fast. He was a great Christian man who really encouraged us. Thank you Robert.

That evening in the campground, I called a friend who is a Physical Therapist (thank you so much RS) and she stepped me through some adjustments that would help if it was my hip. More advil, much more. The ladies in the camp office gave us the name of a Chiropractor.

Day Three

Well, we needed a new tire, and I had a horrible night, not being able to move and by then not able to put weight on my left leg at all. Russ had a walking stick from our hikes in Arizona, so I was able to shift my weight to the right and use that stick to get to the truck and go see a specialist in owies.

The Chiropractor wanted to do traction on me but the table wasn't available until after lunch, so after an adjustment and xrays, everyone went to lunch, we picked up a new tire, I took more advil and we waited for lunch to be over.

The phone rang. Hello, my name is Mary B and I'm calling from Morning Star with Rick Joyner, we need to verify your current mailing address and email for your subscription to our newsletter. I gave her our info. as we really like their music and newsletters, then she closed with, "Is there anything I can pray with you about before we hang up?"


Wow, she prayed a powerful prayer. I went in for the traction (OH NO THE PAIN WAS WORSE)... the Doctor and the hubbie both had to help me up. You know that things are bad when you start thinking of all the thing that area bout to change because of your current situation ... I kept fighting letting my mind go there, no more motorcycle riding, surgery, laid up for weeks, cancelled schedule, no lifting, no normal everyday stuff, and the EXPENSE - nope didn't want to go there.

After several minutes, I made my way to their version of the TENS UNIT for a 1/2 hour treatment, stood up and was able to relatively pain free walk out of the Chiropractors.

Day Four

On the road - into Sturgis, no one is at the campground we always use. OK not to worry, finally contacted the owners, yep they are coming, go ahead and set up as usual. (Whew)

Day Five

Owners show up, everything is cool, we're set up, I'm 95% pain free (Sturgis starts in 2 days)

Day Six

The hubbie offers to help the owners of the campground with port-a-potties and picnic tables - setting them around camp. He came in for lunch and said,

"Well, I have no doubt God is watching over us." My mind went back to the rattlesnake we saw in this very camping spot 4 years ago, then raced to look him over to see what was bleeding (cause he comes in bleeding sometimes and is so calm, I almost have to guess why he's stepped in from his project).

He told me he had been unloading picnic tables from a utility trailer, stepped off the trailer into some soft dirt, lost his balance and turned his ankle, heard it pop and saw it deformed like it was dislocated. He prayed, "Please don't let this be bad." Popped the joint back in and although there is some tenderness at the sight he's walking around normal immediately.

Ya know God is watching over us. We know we have a mission at this place, and we know there is a battle raging in the heaven's. But God always wins the battle ... please remember us in your prayers this week. Our goal - that people see Jesus in us and are drawn to His love which points to the Father's love. We're all about redemption, (thank you Pastor Wayne).

By the way. I posted about butterflies - this thing I have with them. this afternoon sitting under our canopy, camp all set up, reflecting on the week. I saw several yellow butterflies in the field in front of us, the one that will be filled with tent campers in a few days. Two of them came under the canopy, did a figure 8 over our motorcycles and raced back to the field. Well, guess I can call that my own personal butterfly anointing. I'm not superstitious at all, but I believe in the supernatural, and I know who holds my future. PTL - me

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