Alpaca Farm, Stormy Acres, and Needle Felting

It's been quite awhile since I mentioned one of my goals is to learn needle felting. I'm also wanting to learn nuno felting.

My sis and I were at a local yarn shop, talking about roving and alpaca, etc. to one of the employees, and they mentioned a familiar name. Oh, my goodness, our families grew up together, her parents were in my parents wedding. The moms great friends from before they were married.

I did some research, contacted her - she lives about 20 miles from me - imagine that. We haven't seen each other in many, many years, we double dated in high school. And got together some when we first married, but have lost touch all those years. Now we're going to get together - tour her farm and learn some felting with raw roving, Another goal met in 2009, and with my sister and an old friend, she's a little older than me, so it's just a bunch of old ladies getting back to the land and renewing friendships.

I actually made the felted slippers last March out of alpaca. They turned out great. When our son got these in the mail they were too big, so he washed them again and sized them himself. They were a hit!!

slippers blog link (clogs)

Looking forward to it Stormy Acres.

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