Yarn I've stored for a long time.

I'm hoping to start making some projects out of the yarn I originally bought for Navajo style weaving several years ago. I checked with my weaving instructor and she said yarn is yarn, just wash the item once it's completed.

I've never felted with this but it is from Weaving Southwest. It's New Mexico Churro yarn, I think it will make up beautifully, and I know I'll be making smaller projects with it because it is much more expensive yarn and it will be in a class of it's own. I'm hoping to try some small pieces, with a native American pattern like phone and camera bags. Felted of course.

I bought colored pencils, graph paper and a drawing pad, I'm hoping to plan my work on paper first. Just something I've always wanted to try. I did it successfully with my 1st floor loom weaving ...

I did take NAvajo weaving several years ago, failed it miserably because I couldn't trust that the piece would look anything like it was supposed to in the end, the sides were pulling in so bad.

The instructor kept telling me when it is off the loom she can shape it and make it look good, but I didn't ever finish it it looked so bad on the loom. I'll probably be selling this loom (handmade by my hubby) soon. I had a "hand dye" weaving poster framed several years ago too, it hangs near my loom. I may keep it for sentimental reasons and to re-decorate an area of the dining room.

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