Maybe I brag too much., Another Knitting success story.

The finished product (size 10 1/2 shoe) with the pattern picture.
(Pattern Sheet is on 8 1/2" x 11" paper)

Another finished view.

The bottom of one, and the side of the other before felting.

Above pictureis before felting, one top and one side view beside a sock.
Yep, that sock is a man's size 10.

This pattern just didn't look like it was going to come together, until near the end. Then the knit pieces just didn't look like they would felt very well.

Then I had the courage to hand wash felt them ...

RESULTS!! YEAH! They look almost like the pattern pictures. The only disappointment is that I held two gray strands and one black together to make the opening ridge, and it really only looks gray. I was hoping for a more defined accent, shoulda used more black. But the finished product is pretty amazing, and they really didn't take long to make at all ... just took me forever to get started on them.

You can buy this poster.